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No, Mike is on your right arm on your left. I don't know where anybody is, but it is the podcast version of the radio show, which, as you know, I did, and you helped me towards the end for 19 years. We got to episode 1955. This is episode 1956. A little bit different, a little bit different format. We're still going to take calls, we're still going to talk tech. We're going to hear from many of our contributors. Next week, Chris Mark, we're going to give us a photo assignment. Samuel salmon, our car guy was at CES. He's going to call in about 45 minutes to talk about what he saw at CES. Exciting stuff. CES is the big story this week. In Vegas, it used to be the consumer electronics show. And then for some reason, it's weird like prints. They decided, oh, don't call us that. Just cause CES. That's what we are now. So you know what that means, we're going to call it the show formerly known as CES, which is not great. But that's where they have a bunch of consumer electronics. Yeah, and I think to just set expectations, I do this every year. People ant loves it and spirits with this today and the other on the other side of the camera. Yeah. Ant loves it. He loves going down there. A lot of people love CES. I think mostly they love it because it's a social event. I don't actually think there's that much important stuff. Maybe the TV stuff, Scott Wilkinson is going to give us a TV update, I think, as well. But mostly what you see at CES is crap. That companies are hoping somebody will buy, and if they do, then they'll make it. And that's really the history of CES. It was a dealer's show where technology electronics dealers would go to the show. They'd see stuff. They'd say, yeah, I'll take 10,000 of those for my store. And then the manufacturer would go home and said, good, you get it in the November. Because most of the stuff at CES, you don't see it until later. If at all, yeah. I'll give you some examples of things that CES PC gamer. This was a great little article on PC gamer on give her credit. Katie wickers, the tech that went too far at CES. Apparently there was a lot of stuff having to do with P? Oh, I think this is interesting, Leo. So that is a I'm showing if you're watching the video. By the way, we will continue to do audio and video. Of course, you have to subscribe to the podcast, but you'll have the choice when you subscribe.

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