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The scored zone with Pete McCarthy. Eight o'clock hour like to hit the oddities what's gone beyond. The sports news is the segment as developed in. We get into the warped minds of producer, Mark and producer of rain. We're we're going to go deep in there tonight. How are you? Ray? I am doing. Well. I'm doing well. We've got a little bit of a fun stuff that we can have here. Well, first of all you're going to be there Sunday and numerous I am a big game. Patriots Packers looking forward to that Aaron Rodgers playing person before at at at Lambeau for years ago. So that was a that was against the patriots. Yes. It was that game memorable. Remember know where I was watching that. Yeah. A memorable right for the halftime. Jordy Nelson beat Rivas slant. Pattern across the middle. One about seventy yards for touchdown that end up being the game winning score later on with one touchdown game. And that's what they finished off that season him. Davis. At the end of the season ended up being pretty well. So did that gained did not cost us in the end? You're smug smile and all his Boston crap. It's it's you know, what is it? Now. It's been four days since our last championship. It's real tough. Now drought up there that mcgillicuddy kid. He's got eleven championships. He's like seventeen or something. In some ways, all joking aside. Those those Red Sox fans the ones that are sixteen seventeen do annoy me as much as they endure the people just because they don't understand that that the horror that we had to go through all those years before. So they sit there like, oh we win. This all the time. It's kinda like me when I was younger when I grew up because the Celtics always wanted Celtics always gonna win and then they didn't win for two decades. So how about the horror is my entire sports fan of life? Not good. No championships. I'm getting old. I got grey hairs the hairs thin in the back and not been nothing out of sports except the radio show, which I'm very thankful for that. But I mean, yeah, it it is a little tough for someone like you. But the thing I love people outside you don't live here. Now, I've got the New York experience now because I've been here for twenty years, but the people will you have to teams he can switch between that. Yeah. Yeah. Good luck trying to convince switch between the two works. I'm telling you. There's no four teams. There are worse to root for an any city in the country. Then Mets jets islanders next. That is the longest you can find a we went through it earlier this week, and I tried to figure out is there another city with four teams and of any combinations. Like LA, you could be a clipper fan and nine have seen a championship in basketball. But you'd either have the ducks or the kings and you've had a recent hockey championship. And I went through. And I could not find another city where you can have four teams. Even the smaller cities. Was there anyone that even came close? Like Minnesota had been a long time. They had a long drought Atlanta. Go back to ninety five even the city's without multiple teams the reds back in one thousand nine hundred ninety sets Cincinnati like they all have one. There's no baseball city that there's this season went through where you don't have a championship. Like, you don't have with Mets jets Allender. Now. What gets you is. The fact that you have three teams haven't won since what seventy two was an ex Seventy-three the next all the most recent six, and that's thirty two years ago times four sporty two of those teams jets. And then in the Knicks are seventy s and sixty s even think of that. So I'm thinking that I've got the the jets are sixty eight. So you got that. And then, you know, eighty six at the soonest and then. Before I was born. Early eighties. The last one hundred eighty two eighty three. Yeah. You got. Because that was I know that's when it came to an end they went to the Stanley Cup one last time then broad islander fans, and it's funny because you talk about that because that was the last day at one nineteenth series in a row had they won that series and won a fifth Cup. Remember they won two more series of next year. Set streak would have gone up to twenty three may even go longer a Mason thing. All right. Well, it's a day after Halloween. I know you were talking about some Halloween, costumes. I think I found the best sports Halloween costume and the worst sports related Halloween costume out there. We got the best one to me what I found last night. Did you see the guy in Pittsburgh dressed up as juju Smith Schuster going around? It did not see he looked just like him. Why? Because it was him. He went out in his full Steeler uniform went out and started handy candy out trick or treating with kids in the neighborhood. That's awesome. Matt Caesar baseball player. He came up with the cubs. I dunno where he's playing recently these in San Diego most recently, but he had a picture of himself in a full cubs uniform handed out full bars of candy, by the way at at his home. Wherever the heck he lives says cool to top it, even more. Then after it's done a little bit that he swapped his helmet and put on the micro Myers mask and was going up to cars on the street and hand them, candy and scaring people. With his juju Smith, Schuster jersey, and the the Jason mask, which was really hysterical to see. And then the end of the night partying at some at some club. So it was it was a it was a heck of a Halloween night. And again big game on Sunday. Is that like going down to Miami on a boat trip? If you're hitting the club on was it Wednesday night Halloween night. Gary hoping he'll be fine. Either. Steelers don't have to have a problem with that. Right. And the worst Halloween costume out there. Anything involving OJ Simpson. Probably be the worst one out there, especially when it's OJ Simpson himself. I'm sure we could think of the worst thing you could dress up as this might be the second worst thing you could dress up as guesses Doris thing. Obviously would be OJ Simpson. Dressing up as O J Simpson. But the worst might be a gynecologist who J Simpson gynecology. Yes, he had that on his actual jacket that he was a gynecologist and he had a name. Nobody should be dressing up as especially as funny as you think it is. Well, let's put this OJ Simpson doing this, which is even more crappier. That's what's really is. It's not not not the thing you want to do that was kind of the of the out there. I would say that I would say that goes across the board for everybody. Don't dress up as a gynecologist leave that to the professional. It's I leave the professionals and again blasting you really wanna see probably second last thing. You wanna C J Simpson with his a gynecologist cost you Montana. Finally, it's a is a little bit of a baby boom is you realize that? No, this is a baby boom. And we'd like to guess where it is right now. There's a baby boom happening in a specific. Yes. Yes. Well, you know, usually where the economy is good the baby's follow. Yup. Yup. I don't know where it well. Not too far about ninety some odd miles south from here in Philadelphia. Guess one nine months ago was the Philadelphia New England SuperBowl. And well, they've noticed that hospitals in the Philadelphia area. Have started to have a little jump up in in bursts. Spend the nine months since February first or second of earlier in the year. So congratulations is going to be a lot of new eagles fans, shall we say popping out over the next few weeks a lot of big blank Knicks getting born the Knicks Barnard Knicks. Let me you know, a couple of Carson Carson's like that. And you'd never know. But yeah, a was a big eventful night in looks like we'll be seeing the fruits of those labours, shall we say? And that's the oddities. I've got for today. All right, producer Ray, baby. Boom in Philly. That's that's not good for anybody. More Phillies pads, more utley jerseys. Yeah. Those kids will grow up. They'll wear the throwback jerseys. Just because they know jasmine Mets fans, and that's that's that's what's happening. That's what's going to happen here. God just what we need. Gosh. Eight hundred three two zero seven ten the number. We will have coming up the head coach of Fordham basketball, Jeff Neubauer coming up at eight fifty. So a little more than five minutes from now. So we'll get into that. Get you updated on Thursday night football. The big time match up Oakland San Francisco. It looked good on paper coming into the season. Not so much now, but the Niners with a seven three lead on the raiders sewing find out if the kid Molin got some Nick Mullins starting NFL quarterback. You never know keep dreams alive struggle on the practice squad. And you just to injuries away more often than not it doesn't happen. I mean, how often do you see these guys like Kellen Clemens is recently? I don't know if he's still is recently a backup quarterback. Everyone's why you see these guys they play in the league for decades. And they have like eight games played when it's all said and done, but kid mullets gets his chance on national TV has a lead at the at the very least you gets up nad producer was just thinking as a former nine a quarterback. That's still can't get a job. We won't go there colleague capture Nick s. Oh, he's been out of league for two years now. You bring him in teachable whole new offense in a week or two you'd rather the practice squad guy. That's just the nature of it in the middle of the season. Again. Well, while the head coach of Ford a basketball coming up Jeff Neubauer as we'll be previewing college hoops in the area over the course of the next few weeks the sports zone with people the on the voice of New York seven ten w o war lately. It seems like everything we use everyday is getting an upgrade from the bed. We sleep in to the razor we use when we wake up, but we've neglected one of the more impulsive products in a daily routine that old worn out toothbrush..

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