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Her length isn't like awesome. For is if i remember correctly at least just in looking at her i don't i don't think it is But like she makes really good off ball rotations which works well with the way that that the storm play defense running more of a kind of modern. Sos scheme in some ways. But also they're forced into playing that way because they really lack a lot of the versatility to play other ways How would you feel about the up with connecticut too. Because i think connecticut is a team that i look at it. I'm like dear. God i do not think this would be good for the storm because playing like i mean obviously doina bonner brianna jones. John wall like that is a really tough front court to match up with the funny thing about the started. Playing the sun is the fact that they played the three times. Now the record the storm the to us three games and those times. I think it's fair to say that either team was full health and one of the games as he was still coming back from international issues limited to study points. One of the games Highland got injured at halftime. then didn't play for the sun. Jonquil jones zone one of the games and then in the commissioner's cup. Seattle is actually blitzed son at from like the happy second quarter third quarter just to hell and one by twenty points but it was very clear that carmelo did not come into that game with the expectation of treating like like as important as the storm. Staffed it clear they were just not as prepared and they were a little rusty actually had played them up. I think in terms of the matchup on paper. There's certainly things. I don't like it looks again. Looks on paper that wanna bonner would present your biggest match problem because she should be too strong and to attack four awesome but she should also be too big join canada. That hasn't been the case yet. She's actually pretty canada. Lloyd of handler. Pretty well the ups. They've had so far. But that's something i would not look forward to seeing Essentially i think in terms of the front match you you just stick a center embry jones and you sticks dewey on jonquil and you hope. That doesn't need a double team to help todd. Which hasn't been the case yet that on continuing to be the case it doesn't it doesn't worry me as much as some other teams but i think i think at least on hebron it's not.

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