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They created the space to share and for people to listen, and I found out about it from a yoga teacher who follow online whose name is Diane Bondy and I just wanted to. Specifically mention her because she is how I found out about the. Panel and her book which I am just ordered. I wanted to give a give it a mention, and I will I will definitely talk more about it. Once a have it in my possession, but it's called Yoga for everyone uses for every type of body, and I came to her and instagram because she is. Very well known yoga teacher, but especially for creating an really inclusive spaces in the yoga community. And no matter like a body shape physical abilities. What you look like who you are, I really like she's really. Like a a leader in that space in the yoga world so cool. That is how I came to her work. I ordered her book. and I just wanted to give that a mention. Great they. Once I have the book. Enhanced I will talk more about it, but from what I have seen of it. It looks fantastic so I'm really excited to have it in my actual home. I'm excited for you well. Maybe I'll get you a copy as you also practice yoga. Lin You. Know what I'm doing. Well. Before. We take a break I just want to say. Like I love talking to our guest. Yeah this was. This was an interval well this book her book Meredith Firemen's book, and then our interview with her like left me kind of and what the word is not shell shocked, but like very moved and inspired to change some things within myself, and how I believe in the world and loved her book. Yeah I did, too. I loved it. She was so fun to talk to. So all right, we're GONNA. Take a short break, and then we'll be right back with meredith..

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