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Status quo. Ladies and gentlemen and palace hall welcoming. It's Carmen in your coat Here. Go knew this was coming. He was so disappointed. He wore his green Bay Packer alumni stuff. He did declare yesterday that it was the last day for bears gear. I did. I did have a playoff game this weekend. Yeah, I'm getting ready to watch that game with interest. Gonna be the first one on Saturday. And why would night I mean, there's NFL fans out there? There's still people playing fantasy football. Aaron Rodgers Davante Adams Valdez. Scat Ling will be going this week and I saw somebody had down Lazard. Aaron Jones is on a roster tiny and is on a roster. So yeah, the Packers. I'm looking forward to watching this weekend's action. That is quo at Halas Hall. Everybody stays. It doesn't sound like contract extensions are being handed out. I guess that's a good gotta retire. So God knows gone there had to be a sacrifice. The lamb. But I'm talking about the man. You mean official and Chuck made just seen what was happening. What's going on and decided. Hey, hostilities. Guys can't hold their water and that's what we call when you can't Stay on side when you when you can't you're not smart enough is a football team not to jump offsides repeatedly in a playoff game, So we say, if you can't hold your water, I've never heard that. Well, Maybe you realized that these guys can hold their water and it's just time to go ahead and wash his hands of them. Yeah, but George is not making any changes at the top. Ted Phillips is still the president and I guess he's praising his leadership and And in terms of Ted is praising the leadership of mad Maggie and Ryan Pace through the six game losing streak. Carmen, I can relate to you that George is happy he feels like Ryan Pace is growing into the job Growing into the job was much time. Is he gonna give him well, he's had six years to this point. He's growing into a 10 year apprenticeship program, guys. Remember what we said, is growing with the day you made that dashing move with all the coordinates that people like to talk about. You tied yourself at the hip with mixed Robiskie. He did. And if Mitch Stravinsky's on his way out, right patient got his way out, period, it's not happening. Not gonna happen. You're entrusting, very important quarterback decision to a man who unfortunately, has been able to get the quarterback position, right? You think about the guys. He's been enamored with Marcus Mario to Mitchell Travis Key trading for fools, although that was probably as much man Maggie is anything else. Some of the things some of the other names, you'll still be pointed out. You know, the Mark Sanchez is in the Tyler Bray thing. The constant love. Tyler Bray and you know Look, I I don't know. I don't know what else I can say today that we haven't said a million times how anybody could believe that Ryan Pace is going to get it right. It's just a completely for faith. At this point. Maybe he will. Maybe he'll look into it. As bears fans. That's all we can go on. That's it. You can't objectively look at his track record and say that he's going to get the quarterback right next time because he knows what he's looking at. He knows how to evaluate the position. And he locked in the one you think I'm just pure coincidence on just the roll of the dice, right? You know, like I actually by accident, You think that the Bears eventually will look into one? I mean, like you, really. He had a 66% chance to a nail it the first time he crafted one female measurably. Guys Way realized, failed miserably on that one keeps saying on Twitter, though, How much was the number one and everybody's draft board? Not I'm not bred beaches. That's right. That are bred features. So I guess you could say Well, guys, he was number one on Mike Max Draft board and on Mel Kiper's draft word, Okay? He wasn't number one on bread, beaches draft board and he wasn't number one on. Was it? Rick Smith? Still at the time in Houston, I believe I believe you're right. Yeah, I believe that he wasn't number one on Rick Smith Draft board. That's right. So you can say Well, he's number one. Mel Kiper's draft board, so obviously he should be the number one quarterback taken. Or you can say, boy, be nice if we were Kansas City. Or I don't even know it would be nice if you be Houston, but it be nice to have the Shawn Watson. Let's put it that way. Yeah, you could say that. Call me crazy. You could say I know guys. It doesn't matter what Micmac in the NFL network. Booth thinks it doesn't matter what Todd McShay thinks it doesn't matter what Mel Kiper Jr thinks about Mitch Travis Key, Pat Mahomes and to Shawn Watson. Sorry, Patrick. It doesn't really matter. Does it, folks, guys? The ship has sailed that I said ship. That ship has sailed. It's gone. You remind yourself every single week when you see him play go ahead. But that is gone. The only thing you can do now is move forward. And you're moving forward the individuals involved. So this is an important draft. It's an important offseason. What do the Bears do? They've got to make room. If you're going to make acquisitions. Now there was they were like I think it was 14 through 16th in the league. With like, I think it was $7.8 million. They were under the cap. Well, they can't find a way to get under the cap even more and then more. This thing was set up. I looked at a bunch of contracts yesterday. There's a lot of opt outs after 21. After 21. There's a lot of opt outs almost like it was built the way we're doing the contractors and they were they were looking at it. If we don't have it going by 2021. We can opt out of a bunch of different deals. Mitch is fifth year, right that y Yeah, probably. Probably because you know you're negotiate with Eddie Jackson with other guys. But I was looking at that..

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