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Yeah. Definitely! mean. The reputation of that charity you know, how well does. Kind of outreach it as sort of thing. Yep for sure. So as Scotland. SIP water. Problem I usually correct. People hydrate during a shell anyway so. Kuncoro. Down, like a forty ounce. Cup of water during the show. Good man. Some good for the day. Should. But, yeah, there's a lot of really great charities out there and you know. My first personal favorite is Doctors Without Borders. Yeah for sure for sure. I think on just on on this subject for sure like doctorswithoutborders, fantastic organization like. Talk about a team whose been doing like selfless work for as long as I can remember this just amazing. I think that definitely. There's definitely an advantage to having the KPI that is quantifiable. Right so if you can count, it just makes it Kinda easier to. Come up with language. I first of all to share your story, and then secondly, and this is important to coming up with language that people can understand and spread for you so like with Tom's back to them. For example you know. They came up with this language, which is buy one give one. I mean. That's four words I. Mean You couldn't get their story more concise than boiling it down to the. Concentrated essence it's it's a beautiful thing when you think about it, it's like A. It's said the Mona Lisa phrases in away like it's just so so well crafted. so yeah, like when folks are exploring like you know, what should, what should we do? What's our KPI GONNA BE I. Don't want to talk them out of supporting some something like doctorswithoutborders buyout by all means I mean you know just having like a the dollar value? Be Kpi of like you know we've given. Today. We've supported Doctors Without Borders. Ten thousand dollars. Fifty thousand dollars, or whatever pretty great but I think. When the KPI isn't a dollar figure and it's an actual. Like a tangible thing I think is probably the most. To in my mind is the most powerful thing, and has the most resonant so number of shoes. Sorry pairs of shoes given away by Tom's pairs of socks given away by Bomba's number of trees planted by style loop. Number of dog saved by. Kid with an imaginary friend. WHO's a puppy comic? Those kinds of like. Tangible KPI's verses like the more fuzzy fiscal KPI dollar value I think for me has more resonance when it's a tangible thing. Worth by the way houses giving almost one hundred million shoes away. Easy! Man Our last I checked a longtime ago. Up to one hundred million. Or close to. Jameson to get to work got some catching up to do. So. Issues I. Definitely agree the more specific can get. The better is always better. I mean issues basically shows a year cumulative better track of stuff. There's a little bit more accountability and you being a lot more specific. Sit. Anybody can put dollar figures down issues. We get the point where seeing dollar figure. Your in of itself isn't really all that meaningful. On the other. Lady said you know number Hughes given way number of socks giving away how many? Rescued, that's the thing is definitely going to be something a little bit more tangible indefinitely. Something more specific. Yeah and and don't you think it makes for a more interesting story like I? Mean Tom Shoes might say we've given away. Two hundred million dollars with a shoes like to me, that's. Just if the shoes are two bucks a piece for the pair of shoes that they give away. I think to me, it's it even though it's a smaller number, it makes for a more interesting story to say. We've given away one hundred million peasants shoes. Then we've given away two hundred million dollars with issues or two hundred million dollars with footwear whatever. That that hard number of pairs of shoes, hundred million play. I don't know what do you think what would it? What's more has more impact on you. Definitely number of shoes. I Yeah Yeah. Baen this by the way is not doing as well. They're only up to about ten million pairs of socks. Tam. Still really impressive I mean here. It's Dolly Parton we're. We're on a mission to plant million trees right, so say like we still got a lot of work today. Where we we've got a long way to go with a really fantastic star like we got the wind on our back right now we've got A. Platform in the world that has dovetailed review acquisition with tree, planting and online reviews right now, just white hot as far as marketing strategy like pretty much. Every single brandon business on the planet is. Like a five star arms race right now, trying to get more reviews than their competitors. Just because it's so valuable to them, it makes them so much more money. At the one of the most interesting things around that phenomena actually is tripadvisor in our member. Checking tripadvisor about. A year ago or something and has has like. Holy doodle like hotels on here. That had like ten thousand reviews. Ten thousand guests reviews and it got me thinking just because I'm in this space right I. Give this stuff a lot. More than the average. Of course because. It's my bread and butter, but I got thinking like. Holy Doodle, there is no such thing as enough reviews. If there was like wh-. These hotels would just stop. That'd be like well. We got two thousand five star reviews like. Do you want to stay here or not? But of course they don't stop because what they're trying to do is actually create that status Delta. That trying to. Get a huge lead on the next closest hotel. That's down the road that a potential guests might consider so that when the guest is looking at those two hotels and like these guys have got. Four four hour rating or whatever it is I'm tripadvisor, is it? It's not stars. DOTS I don't even know what kind of rating system that date still basically a one to five so. When it comes down to you. But. The again. Emphasize reviews obviously. You know obviously aren't our. Better as well, you by understand what whether they're messing up? They can also correct that in you know. Basically you become a much better business. Yeah, definitely, that's a really good inside too, and I think for. Data driven businesses and even small businesses..

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