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Where here he tweet. Give you some of our thoughts in las vegas raiders before entering the world news and topics. We seem to find interesting here. We go had him here. We are out of the raiders facility for the second day of practice. I'm training camp opened on tuesday but the last two days we actually guys in the field. Want to get your thoughts right away you here. He came off vacation. You're here for the first time today. Anything stand out to you. I know they're not in paget. But what position groups are you looking at anything. Stand out to you that you might not have thought you'd see. Yeah i think you know first of all first of all it's on location here at the facility. Good to be back here doing podcast around here. It's fun But yeah. I think i was watching a lot of Defensive line against oftentimes line drills and you can tell exactly zero from those drills really. They're not in pads or not going full contact or not really Hitting each other very hard. But i was looking at that. But i'll we'll get back to that in a second. Forced monroe stood out to me. I know i asked greg olsen about him today. Because i thought he had a really really good practice again not full pads in the defensive backs it seemed like were instructed to not really attack. The ball They weren't really going hard after interceptions not going for pass. Soda's kinda trying to stay in coverage but Moreau really got deep on jonathan abram. A couple times. I thought that was a pretty impressive from him and actually saw out in the field because one field was mostly starters and i would call the one and a half's starters immediate backups. And then you've got your twos and threes and kind of depth on the field. And that's where marietta and peterson were kind of taking their peterson. Peterman we're kind of taking their shots. Peterman my my former bills phantom. They're kind of peterman is over there. And you know. I've i'm maryelle. Had a couple of really nice throws with just a change from last year when in training camp he couldn't hit a five yard out he was bouncing balls. The running backs like it was. It was bad and this year. He looks really really good So you know. I feel like That's something to watch but in terms of the defensive line against offensive line The i think it was a change from your past. We saw a lot of defensive line winds make you read into it. Two ways one that the defensive line is a lot better and they went and invested in got guys like johnny cochran who was a beast out on the field today They got other depths guys on the defensive line. And they've got guys like saw thomas who could get to the quarterback they've got guys in pressure or you can say three boat off it's of line and they're struggling early on. I'm not gonna say either. I think that you're gonna have to wait and see a lot more. Get when they get getting pads when they're doing some more things like full-contact of a right now today outside the defensive line probably won that battle. Good stuff there. I want to also talk about. We've seen several players with masks on When their helmets arnon now that signifies a few things according to the team won they are unvaccinated players or two. There is a preponderance of caution for whatever reason whether the you know. They were around close contact if they went in that realm if they just are over cautious about it. Vaccinations kind of taken. It's hold here. The last few days and we were able to ask. Derek carr on wednesday his thoughts on you know being vaccinated and yet also any inherent pressure those who are vaccinated in the locker room would put on players who aren't specifically him as the team leader. Here's carr edison so hard like everything. No matter what. I say someone on one side will be mad at some y other. There's a lot of that has been going on last four or five years. You know as like man. We want to stand up here and answer those. But to answer that i i personally feel like you know. I've been getting shot since i was a little kid. You know i have my mom. Take me out of school early. We get this shot. I remember that as a kid my kids to you know and those things and this one is a little different because his new right. You know you know the other ones was measles mumps you know all those kind of thing. Hepatitis b. You know how that kind of stuff you know. This one was new so so people and families have certain opinions. And i can if someone wants to ask me my opinion absolutely. I'm sharon my opinion. Absolutely you know. But if they don't want my opinion. I don't think it's my right to go. Tell them what to do. As as a man you know especially in america you know. I don't think it's my right to do that. So if they want my opinion i will absolutely give it a hundred percent. No problem with that. But i think it's up to them and their family because they they know what they wanna do for family. I'm not. I can't make the decisions for them in like their kids and stuff. Okay saddened me here. Derek karstadt so you know went out of his way to say look. It's not my place. These are men and they can make their own decisions for their own families and if they ask me. I'm going to one hundred percent. Give them their Give them give him Give them his opinion on this stuff. Talked about his kids being fascinated like he was as a kid did any of what he said. Surprise you this. Is this the you thought him as a team leader would take. Yeah i think. It's it's you expect out of derek carr for sure And i think especially the part. That says hey. I'm not going to go find them and seek them out and tell them anything but if they asked ask me. I'm here to tell them you know. What the benefits are what you know what i think of it. What i've seen in my research and and things like that. And he said he would encourage it. If asked which. I think makes a lotta sense. I don't think you need to go be aggressive about it. I think players understand players here. lecturing all the time of. Hey this is why you need to do it. And there's guys that are never going to get it. They just don't believe it. They don't think it's right and and that's totally fine but you also have to take that responsibility. I'm one that says i'm totally pro vaccination. I think it's the right thing to do everything for society and everything else and even if you don't think your risk i think you're doing for other people i'm all about it but i also don't necessarily think that you should be demanding it or or forcing it on anybody but i do think you need responsibilities if you say. Hey i don't wanna get vaccinated. I'm not comfortable with okay. Fine stay home. don't go out. Don't go around people in in separate yourself. That's not get it but then make sure that you're not exposing other people and i think you've heard that from others and then in terms of football like yeah you understand that you are causing a problem for the rest of your team and again. I don't think it should be mandated or forest. But you do understand that if you're on the fence the tiebreaker should be. You need to help your team. You need to get back to normal. So you need to do everything you can from a competitive standpoint To be back to being fully normal and as you said. I think we heard from players who had some thoughts on what we heard from cleveland for today. Who said i had co very bad. Last year it sucked It took a toll on me for sure And he said that he wanted this off season. Not sure if you'd get vaccinated. He's at the more he looked into it He decided to do it but he did do it very late in the process. So very late on He said you know. I finally decided to get it. And he did get it. He said. Today he's vaccinated. He's not vaccinated because you're not vaccinated until two weeks after you get that second shot so he kind of you know on a technicality. They're misspoke but two weeks after your shot you are vaccinated. That's that's the process that he's in right. Now he's in that two week period Waiting it out to he'll be there soon. And then that's one more step closer to what the raiders want which is one hundred percent Vaccination rate which means you can be back to fully normal all players on the same page and all working toward just not worrying about protocols anymore and just worrying about football. I was able asca greg olsen today. You were there as well and by the way we're taking this on thursday might be hearing on friday. We talked to greg old snaps coordinator on thursday after practice. And i think the question was more like look your top ten offense last year Is it is simple to say that whether you're a top ten or even better or even much worse you know relies completely on a rebuilt offensive line andre james center denzel good is now. They're outs leatherwood along with the routine guy. News of that and colt miller. Who while with that contract says the suggest. He's a veteran. Giving he's got forty six million dollars guaranteed coming to him. But do you think it's we. We've seen some running-backs already. Jalen chard and others out with the code protocols. Kenyan drake has a non. I think a non football related injuries. Suppose he's going to be back friday but is it as easing your mind to say this offense hinges.

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