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So america's working families see better jobs and higher paychecks tell congressman steve night to keep fighting for real tax cuts paid for by american act in network if i have to pay extra money for a gallon gas and that money ends up in jerry brown's pocket that's and tax lamle if you read the legislation it's not really attacks tax hs increases the cost of its debt freights it's the government jacking up the price of gas sean and pin today it to kfi am 640 more stimulating trial gary and shannon our next news and rues by the way next friday august 11th can be golden road rueing right down the street in glendale on san fernando road during the show live from their ten till two metre simoni doing their show from two o'clock six clarke that day there was a strange story yesterday that was going on while we were doing the show at a rastafarian church outside a yuba city there's a lot to unpack in that sentence if you've ever driven out east of yuba city which is go to sacramento drive and other forty forty five minutes or so and make a right turn that's uber city you go out into the hills there and we are talking some back woods people stuck in the gold rush like i mean it can get pretty harry back there you've seen deliverance ripe and think of think of deliverance well there is a dispute at a rastafarian church in a place called oregon well it's not even oregon house it's between oregon house and dobbins that's how crazy lee remote this area is somebody somebody coal from this church believe it was the leader of the church a woman named heidi grossman lap she called 911 to say that a guy had become violent with fellow church member now this guy had been either staying on the church property you're was nearby the church and in exchanged a for room and board and a little bit of pay he would take care of the pot plants because it is a rastafarian church the way that a one of the lawyers described in was as a trimmer grant which i've never heard before trim agreement.

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