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Oracle in that sweet have been competing a bit in that market which was weird because oracle also had a close relationship in that sweet and according to net suite executives the former company continues to operate as it did before it's just now a department in the larger oracle corporation and can take advantage of oracle's technologies and database and huge amounts of information the acquisition was approved and completed in late two thousand sixteen so net suite now operates as part of oracle and has integrated several of its approaches with oracle products and sweet world eighteen where i am now executives talked about new features being added in the one i thought was the most interesting was artificial intelligence meant to help alert managers to extrordinary cases things that could indicate either someone has committed an error that needs to be addressed or potential strategic moves that could save the company money so for example you can set up a project that involves manufacturing your spinners in hamburg germany and shipping them to berlin but then you see that the net sweet product is telling you that this plan has a low probability of being profitable and getting that information before you actually commit resources could help you save tons of money and make you more nimble in the process to actually figure out a working strategy that will make you money as a swimming that the product works as advertised of course i can't speak to that last bit because i've never used net suite now i can say that they throw a really wild event the presentations had a dj mixing up music tracks live before the events even started there were enormous screens with projections of presentations and live video presenters there were lights and smoke effects and acrobats is all pretty over the top for an event that was designed to market new features to net week customers i i'm not really sure he'll feel about these trade shows guys because it's so weird i mean i'm not the target audience i'm not a net sweet customer so i'm looking at this from a very objective point of view and it is it's a weird spectacle it's it's not necessarily bad it's just weird.

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