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Good timing, right there. You know what? What bug what really kind of bugged me actually is that in less. Your Saint Louis blues fan, it was kind of a boring game. I mean I just wondered an exciting game. You know my my wish for overtime, but it was after that first goal RA. You said it, they start flicking the puck on his own. And I don't think I've ever seen a better team defensive unit front shots. I was talking to Brennan Walshaw. We're Texan during the game he's like I've never seen D that just front every single shot. You couldn't get anything to the net on them even being down one nothing and dominating play. You're okay until the second goal. What a killer busy you saw this go down. You realize how much of a killer it was. And with so such few time left. It was just backbreaking for the Bruins. Yeah. And they were very pretty much dominating the whole first period, although they were down one nothing. And they had a really good offensive zone shift and Marsha. And that, that line kind of extended a little too. Long and ended up going back the other way he gets caught up just inside the are just outside the blue line, I believe, and obviously, being so gas and stretching out that shift trying to get back in that hockey game at tight one one, sometimes when you're out there for a long time, you just have brain farts, the oxygen not going, your brain. And he turns around and goes for that change in Petron, Joe of sneaks in, and what a play by by Schwartz just to just to give shoulder check and find him and he had all time he comes in ends of going to his backhand. And once again, like Rascon hung out to dry on that one to me, the only one that Rask could probably wants back. Is that first one where he opened up his five hole where it was unnecessary because he was already at the end of the post? So if that point shot is coming in that doesn't get tip. It's hitting his pads. If ends up getting tips and goes wide at goes wide. No need to open up the five hall. But nonetheless, you need more than one fucking win the game. That's all they got. And it was it was in garbage. Time going into that issue intermission only down one nothing would have been huge because they are incomplete. No worries. No worries. All of a sudden man your back's against the wall. Now, you're going to have to take even more risks offense in order to get back in that hockey game. Ari absolutely anytime you give up goal at like less than ten seconds left in the period..

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