President Trump, Margaret Brennan, South Korea discussed on WBBM Evening News


Pam Coulter amid criticism from Democrats and Republicans president trump is defending Israel's decision to bar the first and only Muslim congresswomen Democrats were she to to leave an ill on Omar from entering the Jewish state what they said about Israel the Jewish people is a horrible thing and they become the face of the Democratic Party earlier the two members of Congress were told they could visit CBS's Margaret Brennan with more is that trump has been in this months long feud with the so called squad these controversial freshman Democrats and he says that they are the face of the Democratic Party for a prime minister Netanyahu it's also about politics at home because he is a month away from a really tough election and one of the things he has campaigned on is the strength of his relationship with president trump so to be publicly pressured like this he had to say yes south Korea's military says North Korea has test fired two more projectiles off its eastern coast into the sea fame NASCAR champion Dale Earnhardt junior and his family are probably feeling very lucky tonight they made it out of a plane crash in Tennessee with some cuts and scratches CBS is Jim chrysalis Carter county Tennessee sheriff dexter Lunsford got to retired NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt junior shortly after or tarts plane caught fire after landing Elizabeth ten in northeast Tennessee sun trauma he was alert talking cooperative no problems whatsoever in the art heart was taken to a hospital his wife infant daughter and two pilots got out of the plane as well the plane right off the end of a runway through a fence and burst into flames on the highway Jim chrysalis CBS news law enforcement sources say an autopsy of convicted sex predator Jeffrey Epstein found his neck had been broken in several places he apparently hung himself well into New York jail awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges university of Maryland forensic sciences professor Thomas Moore hello says those broken bones aren't enough to say Epstein was strangled they would need to be some type of defense warns the victim fighting back trying to stop the person from doing that you know you would find trimer on the fingers hands all the parts of the body there's no discussion about that six Philadelphia police officers were wounded before the gunmen holed up in a house surrendered last night mayor Jim Kenney said people like Maurice hall should not have access to guns are officers need help they need help keeping these weapons out of the hands of the bad guys no one should have access to the kind of weaponry weaponry in fire power that we saw in north Philadelphia yesterday on Wall Street the Dow was up ninety nine points nasdaq fell seven this is CBS news did.

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