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I talk about habits all the time. There was a client of mine way back in the day prime and I was like twenty one. Twenty two that said a core you know it takes twenty one days to create a habit. I was thinking like is that for real. He's like no. I'm telling you he was a sales guys. Names Rob Dunsmore. We had a lot of impact on me early in my career. He said Gee whatever. You're trying to make a habit that you think will deem success do for twenty one days is like Oh shit okay so I started doing these little things here and there and in that was like. I'm talking when I'm twenty one twenty two. I kinda got hit with this. And even though we hear these types of things all the time. I thought it'd be helpful for me to kind of run through the way that I operate around this principle in have for years as I subtract. Add to my daily schedule and what I believe is my successful way that I operate for me least early. I will subtract and add things around this manner so I'll go twenty one days or thirty days on something and see what the outcome is in really. That's the way that I've operated off and on as I subtract. Add things to my daily routine to get word. Got To this point for the goals that I have outlined in. So for instance. Now that we're on quarantine. We've got another thirty days. If you're listening to this real time we got another minimum thirty days right. So you have a window of twenty-one plus days where you're gonNA have the most time on your hands potentially of your entire life why not take advantage of it? Why not take advantage of it? And what does it have? It have to look like does it have to be. I run five miles every day. No doesn't have to be anything crazy. It can start off as much as I'm GonNa read one page out of a book for the next twenty one days. I'M GONNA listen to one short podcasts. Like This Day for the next twenty one days. I'm GONNA write a letter to someone that I care about. There's plenty or multiple ones. Whatever just right like at the beginning. Actually I thought about this at the beginning of the year. I wanted to write an article a day for the entire year. Well I was so fired up about it that I started on December twenty eighth and as we sit today at March thirty first. I'm two weeks ahead still meaning that I wrote an article plus some every day since December twentieth. The reason why I'm doing daily fires right now and why I hit up John. About wanting to start. These again is because I was writing so much material within this daily habitual process. Then I have more wanted to talk about. I had more. I want to share with you guys. I had more to say and I was like man. We gotta bring these things back and it was because of that daily process of twenty one days. I said let me do this. Let me do this for like a month but then fastly became like I can do this for year in so another one. I started I. I am fortunate. Squat rack at my house. Obviously I'm in the fitness business. Oh I'm sure no one's surprised by that and we squat in the forum crew five days a week. We use quad every day. We usually squad five days a week. I thought to myself this is the best case. Scenario Star squadron everyday again. I'll do the so here for twenty one days. I'll do the hardest variation. That's the most brutal. That's the deepest. That's with the less amount of leverages. Which is the most difficult one? Am I go right into the fire for the next three weeks at it? I need some the challenge myself in and I can tell it's challenging me 'cause I can think about it almost when I wake up. Now you guys see if you're new or not. I do walking lunges every day. I mean I had a streak last year. That was over three hundred three days at a half mile. A day streak right now. It's over one hundred days between four hundred and eight hundred meters a day. I don't think about that. That's so habitual at this point. I just keep rolling. But you should whether it's walking whether it's running whether it's lunging now. I'll tell you you go ahead and start them. Lunges did him before day three. It's about the test you same Z. Squats if you go heavy back squad. I'm not even doing Francois's right now because my shoulder so kind of bugging me heavy back squats every day in the worst possible position you can put yourself in the deepest high bar at all the stuff. That's hard for me. Think about it every day already. So it's pushing me so if you can have something that can add to your life for the next twenty one days. It doesn't have to be record setting brown breaking craziness. Just put a couple of things down. Challenge you today. Just put a couple things down on a piece of paper that says I got a lease till the thirtieth for most of us can't really go anywhere where we shouldn't be going anywhere. Why not create these small little habits that could turn into what minded that habit of writing an article and I actually record my articles and then I have an editor? The helps me with them. So recording writing approving however one look at articles everyday turned into wanting to do daily fires again a crazy amount of quality content for the website in for social media that still two weeks ahead like just because I said for twenty one days for thirty days. I'm a write a one page article. The same thing will happen. Let me read. Let me listen to something. It'll turn into books and books and books so I'm just GonNa Challenge you guys I wanted to just bring back a point. That's probably known by a lot but I can't assume it's known by everybody because I was a twenty one year old kid. That didn't understand this one time. So maybe you're watching today and you never heard this before and I hope it changes something inside of you because it sure did with me. Daily Fire Episode Twenty Three Twenty one days. If it's trashed turn it off if it has value. Please share it out for me. It's brought to you by Max. Effort MUSCLE DOT COM for yourself. Meet needs and you're listening to the business network thanks..

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