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Transformations needed in our school system for equity Opportunity and accountability. State representative Ed Cop injure of West Roxbury and City Councillor Mat O'Malley. Who represents, um, busted West Roxbury also took to social Media cop and you're called for Alexandra all over. Davila should join her to former colleagues in resigning. No parent in Boston should need to explain to their kids while yet another member. The school committee public officials who sought to be held in the highest standard. Is resigning after making offensive and divisive remarks. Um, as I mentioned Mat O'Malley Boston City Council also called for resignations. Um, this, uh, is a disgrace to Boston. It calls into serious question the impartiality of the school committee that cast this vote last fall and I want to open it up to give everybody an opportunity to respond to this. These are individuals who speak the language of equity. They don't talk about equality. They talk about equity, which means something different than equality. They pose. Uh and and they They suggest that they're the most tolerant the most open minded, uh, the finest public servants you could ever imagine. Just take those words and turn them around. And instead of talking about West Roxbury have some school committee member. From long ago Louise Day Hicks or a John Kerrigan make comments about other parts of the city. And they would be labeled for what they truly were racist comments these to a racist comments when you talk about the the West, the whites from West Roxbury, the Westie whites sick of Westie whites. What is that other? Other than racism. Uh, and this city needs leadership at this point, probably more than it has in many, many years. This city is being fractured and divided, and people need to start to come together and they have to start to look at each other. Not as white and black. But as members of the human race. Uh, first and foremost, it is not a competition. It should be, uh, striving for excellence, uh and and and giving the best education possible to every kid. In Boston and a lot of kids in Boston. I get in a crappy education because of the teachers union and the school committee. People who do not care for kids at the bottom of the rung all they care about their own political intention. 617254 10 30 Triple 8929 10 30. Ladies line is 617931 10 30. If you're a parent or you, uh you plan to be in Boston or in any community, this sort of, um, behavior from either appointed or elected. Worse yet appointed officials has to come to an end back on nights out after this night side with Dan Ray a NWC BZ Boston's NewsRadio Jay Farner here, CEO of rocket, mortgage and rocket companies. Last year, we saw historically low mortgage interest rates. What you may not know is that interest rates are already starting to increase, and it's likely that trend is only going to continue. Our team of experts is standing by to help you save before rates go up. Don't look back and wish that you would take an action. Call 8338 rocket or visit rocket.

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