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They end tool more ways to win. This is boxing with chris manning who somebody punched him in the face. Joshua is composed and ferocious spanish. Your watch this happy hosted by s. Is chris mannix. That was my moments now with interviews analysis and everything going on in the world of boxing. When you have talent you are given another chance fierce. Chris mannix teddy. Atlas joins me now teddy longtime boxing trainer. Commentator has a terrific podcast of his own called the fight with teddy atlas also does great charity work with this foundation. Which won't ask him about a little bit later in the show teddy. Good to see a man. How's everything going good. See you because everything's everything's going good considering we're living in a crazy world right now. Are you know crazy in a lot of ways. But we're here and grateful to be here and grateful that have family around me. Yeah no question. I wanted to talk to you. Because i'm still kind of buzzing over what we saw with. Anthony joshua and alexander. Ucf and you spent part of your career a big part of your career training working with heavyweights. You work with michael moore. Of course alexander. Pevec in more recently. Just tell me what you were seeing when you watched joshua fight lucic you know. I was lucky enough to predict like mickey the great nikki used to say even a blind squirrel finds an aide corn once in a while so i was lucky enough to predict. Who's going to win that. Fight on my podcast and do a fight plan to greg down. But so i saw what i thought i would say to be quite frank. I saw a new civic a more complete fight. More developed complete fight more dimensional but as long a guy mentally that may surprise some people. Maybe i don't know to hear me say that. But i saw a guy that is i believe swung mentally than than joshua i mean. I don't think that you would have saw joshua fall. Apart the way or i should say i don't think you would have found found those two four part. The way that joshua did against release had time you know mentally physically you know in in all the dimensions that he did just like. I think quite frankly furious mentally strong a guy than than dion to out. So i i sense that all when i break down and fight i try to look at all dimensions and i also saw a guy who knows how to win. A lot of people pooh-poohed me. When when i made that a big deal on my podcast out a win. But what about his left. What about the right. What about what about the right hand powell. What about the side. Yeah i get it but Some people know how to win better than others and he even tangibly physically showed that because ouza guy ahead three nuts in the my caught. Some of those crazy judges. I don't know. I don't know what they're doing but i can only speak for myself. He was edry nothing. And then i saw joshua catch up and he slowly started catching up. He even the fight up but then every time. He defied up the man who knows how to win. Mr music went ahead the next round. He didn't let to go by get into bank with a momentum. Would've got on the wrong side either. Let that happen why he knows how a win. That's why and i. I also saw right from the beginning. Chris the difference to me. I made a note on my scorecard. I said it's a difference right here. First round the of one guy snapping it out the other guys pushing it out. You guess what you don't need teddy atlas to tell you the guy snapping it out is probably gonna do better and And it also. The jeb is a light detector for me in boxing because when a guy pushing jeb. He's telling you he. He's looking for one punch. He's telling you you don't mean to tell you that. But that's that's what he's telling you. It's a polygraph tests. He's telling you yeah. I'm only looking for one punch. And that's where i'm really got my conscience. I'm really not sure all the areas. I'm not really together and all the other areas. And that's what he was telling me and that's what he was telling whose it was more born that i'm just looking for the right hand and i'm going to land and i'm gonna win and oh i hope i'm gonna win and ewsweek was snapping it out controlling a guy with the jam and to me. A lot of things came afterwards. I get it but That was that was the concentration of the fight that was those the core of the fight right there and then of course like i would always say on. Espn you know. You set the table with the jab. Then you eat with the power punch he did. He set the table. Ninety eight with the left hand you know. And i thought he could've knock them out. I'll be honest with you. But i i thought he played. It's a smart. I if you listen to him i believe is an honest guy. He listened to his going. I believe he did and they said played sates. Don't go for the knockout. The guy still does have to right here and we did. And so i just saw. That's what i saw her more complete guy a more constant guy a guy on a win in a guy who caesar jeff to top away part of the success. Teddy as you. Well know of any fighter in any fight is the strategy. They have going into the fight. Joshua came in at one of the lightest weights of his career. He came in looking to seemingly to my is looking to box more with that. Bully him around the ring. What did you think of the strategy joshua employed in this fight. i think that is representatives of way. He is mentally after the louise fight. He lost a lot of his confidence in laws. He never got back. Humpty dumpty fell down into a million pieces and you know what he never quite got never quite. I don't think he got quite put back together. Again it's a polygraph test. It's telling you that you know he. He doesn't believe in certain dimensions us to believe it within himself. You know he. He's not so sure about being the biggest guy anymore. now now. it's more about being careful now. It's more about being safe. Now is more about are getting hurt you know and and win a fight. His thoughts thinking those dimensions. Guess what he's got a problem is he's got a pi. It's like if you will gunslinger back in old days. The old west you know and you made a living doing that new you start worrying about getting shot you probably it game ideal off the game my little because guess what that's the business you're it and and you better not show you better not wear it on your sleep. And he showed it. He thought by coming in that light. I believe again that he's going to be he's thinking going in that. Hey i'm i gotta be careful. I got a you know. I gotta be as nothing. Wrong would be more responsible. I teach guys to be more responsible to be better defensively. That's great but this is a little different does went into the mental terrain. A little bit the the the inner workings of a fighter. The.

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