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Rebel center for healing. We care about your health and want to help you take your health in new direction, far from drugs, and surgery knowledge is the key Optima wellness and control of your health. We offer free health education on chronic health conditions and natural integrative medicine treatments attend the good the bad and the ugly. Get to know your intestinal terrain on Wednesday June twelfth at seven pm space is limited, so registered today. Call seven three six nine eight seven one one seven or visit Roselle care dot com. This is Dr Tom Roselle after thirty eight years of practice and almost a million patient visits. The results center for healing knows what works and knows how you can take control of your health and wellness. Martina doctors practice, twenty-first-century integrative medicine, whether you suffer from chronic pain. Fatigue, allergies are headaches. We can help take charge of your healthy for it's too late. Make an appointment today. Call seven three six nine eight seven one one seven or visit online at Roselle care dot com. That's Roselle care dot com. Single family houses in apartments are the key to passive income, aka retirement. No one knows this better than America's most successful investor educator, national radio host self made multi millionaire, and founder of lifestyles, unlimited del Wilmsen. You've heard him and his team on the radio. Now join the lifestyles, unlimited feet on location in a city near you for the financial freedom seminar, the steady and claim your seats at Disney total freedom dot com, limited seatings unlimited potential registered today at fifty total freedom dot. Com. This is Chris Plante. And with me today is financial coach David Erin's, David, for years, I've talked about your financial practice and the ten ten IRA. But now we're showcasing something new, the agility seventy-five personal pension plan. What makes the agility seventy five so special? Well, Chris boils down to four simple and unique features a twenty five percent match on your role over IRA 4._0._1._K or TSP plan a seventy five percent multiplier. That increases the interest credit to your benefit based by seventy five percent every year increasing income for life and best of all zero percent annual fees. This is obviously something worth investigating. How.

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