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But the story is significantly different right so same beats as film then no no a meat. Very much in adept asian. Brian open source material. More of a bone identity. Type thing. Those were they. They basically take the name of jason bourne. And that's about it. Maybe some sort of incident in the book that uses their inspiration for the story but yeah they're largely inventions. Would you say this one is more invention or just kind of maybe of like some of the bonds where they take some setup they take some characters but they kind of changed the direction throughout. Us sums it up. Yeah okay that makes sense when you have Harry saltzman producing. He has his template for how he makes bond movies. That makes sense that he would carry that over to this world as well right well i want to get into the individual performances but one thing i did want to talk about quickly before we move onto that is i know. Obviously duncan you are pressuring musician by trade and we we know you love the soundtrack. I think camps. You're a big fan of the soundtrack to the fuss films. Well i that remember it so much myself but straight straightaway in. This movie is outrageously weird. Yeah well i can throw some light on that. Because i actually that comes from the novel i think because Now i'm gonna forget which character it is but one of the characters has Very sophisticated musical tastes and he listens to avant garde or contemporary twentieth century. Classical music. so we're talking about vape. Burn burg start housing. That kind of stuff Is he sort of daily listening. And so i think that the the the music beginning which is post office t to show us how sophisticated everybody in the west is Is taken perhaps from that idea in the book i wrote down. What is this opening track. It feels like mixed between george formby and the imperial march while. That's a styles clash right there. I want to hear that. The ukulele version of imperial march sounds great. Cook and i know they made a conscious decision because john berry scored the first film and they switched to conrad efforts to give the movie. More of a german flavor Do that german flavor work for either of you know K god i hated the.

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