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Those who want to give allowed those teachers to get in front of the line. No one loses what we show love and love is a bird. This is an act of love. Reverend Hall is still waiting to hear back from officials to see if he's even allowed to give his vaccination to someone else. A nearly 70 year mainstay of Chicago's Far North Side is set to close the high Ridge Y M. C. A on TUI and Western plans to close this Friday. Mitchell Milner was among a crowd yesterday fighting to keep the facility open. We love the Y in this neighborhood, you can see all the people out here with signs Everyone's upset. This is one of five in the city and this is the most diverse why the Y M C of Metro Chicago has agreed to meet with the group Illinois is falling behind on the expansion of their legal marijuana program. More from WGN's Roger Banish States collected $62 million from legalized marijuana sales that's earmarked for helping minority businesses, Neighborhood development. But the money hasn't been spent. Yet. Chicago Tribune reports problems with state system to hand out new cannabis business licenses and numerous request for help as among the reasons sales of recreational marijuana began a January 2020 and more than $175 million has been collected in taxes through December. Roger. Banish WGN News. A man is accused of living at O'Hare Airport for three months before he was caught. He's charged with criminal trespass and theft, police say. 36 year old Adidas Singh arrived at O'Hare from Los Angeles on October 19th and allegedly lived in the airport Security zone since then, too afraid to fly home to California do to cope in 19. Prosecutors say it all ended Saturday, though when to United Airlines employees asked him for credentials, and he allegedly showed a badge. At an operations manager reported missing in October. They'll be G in sports. The Blackhawks lose to the Panthers five to the Blackhawks. Visit Florida tomorrow. The pre game with Chris Boden at 5 30, the face off at six with John White Hymen and Troy Murray and 7 20, WGN and WGN radio dot com The Bulls beat Dallas won 17 to 1 a.

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