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Perkins up top bolstering, nobody beats the head line. Ed fake looking for help holding the right foot? Give it up top Perkins. Five direct crossover, Cranston. Who softly puts it. Hold Twenty-one good fine by Perkins. But even better job of getting in the vision of Perkins was Brandon Clark sixteen to run. Just now at the table ready to step back in. SP screen fee tomato bounce pass. He puts up with shock over Clark puts it home twenty one eleven. Randall. The primary point guard Perkins. He plays catch against the deck pushing off on expanding. Doorbell back to purchase chilling. Look you to post on the right block shot shots off the rebound buydell. Twenty one eleven attack elites Mason steams down loses day tumble saved by the west gets hit the fouled try to pass it as he was down on the floor. Would you see there? Sloppy ballhandling for Baylor. Look, I Mason. He had a driving lane semitransition lost it. And then a Strom for the loose ball leads to. A little bit of a tile up underneath Fowler tilles. His second. Is in his first. Words from assistant coaches less out Bandou back in pass by Butler. One home. After twenty three to eleven Gonzaga not much. You can do if you're a guard other than get out of the way when Brandon Clark is filling Elena transition. Gaba uses this is to set a ball screen overtop goes that defender Perkins along with Bandou outside right Butler beach cradle off the bounce be tested high voter altered by four o'clock. Vital turnaround. Twisting halted by air ball. Hi, pal. Follows nearby Perkins. Chest whipped around the winter doorbell outside law, patchy more, Washington Post, Birkin's Ave, high-speed left forces a pass download away by Baylor picked up by the band. Zips it front court left down twenty three to eleven under nine to go in the first half. It's got three parts out. As he works. His way up the right side line. Mario Butler defended by Perkins. One on one outside right Bandou. Catchy. Right-wing three strong off the he'll buydell well-timed rebound drop step. Pulls back gets double feet up top to. Lee baby dribble is a whisker inside of the art. Whistle comes. Looks like we'll get a foul here. I believe after the bucket. It looks like against Baylor. They're going to send teams to their ventures. As the ball way through flow, Thaba Baylor gave a little forearm Sivota. Brandon Clark in the chest area. Officials talking it over. Twenty-three eleven on the scoreboard. John Sadok, Dan dick out here in a greater courtside seats in Salt Lake City winning.

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