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With srn news i'm bob agnew in washington bitter cold weather is much of the story today in parts of the bed west at on up into new england the national weather service has issued wind chill advisories covering a vast area from south texas all the way up to candidate elsewhere from montana to new england the brutal weather was most extreme and eight midwestern states in omaha nebraska they broke a record for cold that it stood since 18 84 israel's prime ministers wishing protesters at iran success of what he calls her noble quest for freedom culling the protesters braving heroic benjamin netanyahu said at a video posted to youtube today that the protesters sought freedom justice and what he called the basic liberties a been denied them for decades officials going after drugdealing doctors with a new datadriven early warning system four twelve regions ravaged by opioid abuse it's part of a new initiative from the justice department's opioid fraud and abuse detection either this is srn news king health of kim carrying is our tradition the law this gary has your presidency you of coach kenny health system this year marked swallowed his seventeen years of court in his commitment to serve our community who reflecting on this year's challenges in issues we recognize of fortunate we are to live in hawaii with the saluis spirit and multicultural in ethnic diversity cooking the appreciates being part of the hoyas will hana we are very grateful for patients and longterm care residents who place their trust and confidence in poor keating and thank our donors and supporters in the court kinney healthcare team for maintaining our mission and vision major changes are expected in 20 18 that will continue their healthcare transformation we are prepared to meet the transformation.

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