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Be careful out there and the assassin down up saying this in this country. Black folks brown folks latinos minorities. Be careful street right now in a sack on understand why me saying this. But it's the facts in his factual. Be careful we all need to pray for children and everybody out there. You have a have a twenty two twenty three year old. Jose got a twenty-three myself. I've got a thirty seven year. Old son in coach has a son on the way and he has these kids and we all have loved ones. Even if you don't have children in that chat room you do have nephews nieces or kids that you and teenagers that you look we just need to pray for these folks and pray for us today in this country only thing that right now we could only do right now out. Paris tells the police. Paul push hands on both steering wheel. Don't say and let them know that everything's in the glove compartment and we still get killed. We're actually twenty yards the lighting. And you get maced did beat up right. You reach the documents and they sent you. Because i can't wait acapa. I've got i've run. What the hell is going on and not by sight getting killed right right right i tell you i feel as though having a black sun in america and i say something because they are more targeted than the females but we are still talking about. What a big black sun. It's like a soldier walking on of a battlefield land mines. It's dangerous very dangerous. Dangerous so crazy on a turkey to let us pray for us. Spray for all of us yes does barbie said it was forty three million black votes. We don't play pray for off now all we have to do right now. And the sad to say that in in this country with the social unrest and this woman needs to be. You can't commit this type across right right coach that racism supersede everything that was going on around you. You should be in jail just with a clear simple fact that you committed this murder right down the block from epicenter of racial injustice in this country she saw the number one in that need and as melanin and when she saw that weapon was the scene. New shiites eliminate that threat. That melanin is that melanin is a one weapon that they all fear right. Exactly one on the switch right. We got in this class code. Cold cold kicks ass. What's the next story. we'll talk about. Kobe boca called on live with this real quick. Let's clap coach. He always wrong. Yes johnson and johnson is in hot water again guys. The cdc and fda recommends us to pause use of johnson and johnson colbert nineteen vaccine over. Blood clot concerns the us senate for disease control prevention then. Us food drug administration has recommended that the us paused the use of johnson. Johnson copay nineteen vaccine over six reported. Us case a rare and severe blood clot issue The six report cases were among more than six point. Eight million doses of johnson johnson. The vaccine administered in the us office cases occur among women between the ages of eighteen. Forty eight as occurred between six to thirteen days after vaccination according to a joint statement on tuesday dr and schnaut chat principal. Deputy director of the c. d. c. and Dr peter marks director of fda centers for biologics evaluation and research. The cdc will convene a meeting of the Rivalry committees or station practices on wednesday to further review these cases and assess their potential significant significance. Thank you bobby. Look well there. You go coach whole cindy you could start your parade city and all the other conspiracy theories that are out there. Running around would heavy resentment. They go oh happy day. You have six confirmed cases of blood clots and more calm and probably more to come more right right right and you've been notified for it. Yeah this is not a conspiracy. I applaud this inflammation. I welcome it. Because it's factual and the people we got the blood clots. God bless you probably recover from that to more about this very rare some some conditions of very rare rare fair having i got johnson johnson. They probably wouldn't have those back. Blood clots i. I've i've i've i've had this johnson and johnson. You got lucky okay. And there's no blood clots yet. But at least i'm notified with the information in the facts. Hold you people have been vaccinated barbie. We got six blood clots. Well guess that six dangerous six six and coach who share. I say this respectively to the six. Let's call them the funky six out of a hundred million party. Mathematically doesn't even register on board still something because -cerned abou- chanoine sex people if it wasn't cost because sars have never made a statement therefore is caused for nine and you're right the people especially for women right and you're absolutely right. Guess what you just said. That was factual you said that the cdc had caused concern to notify people to do certain things with this vaccine. That's great no because facts but it yet. It's facts and it's causing concern. So six people little blood clot had hangovers. That was worse than blood. Clots logo on a three-day crat. Run now that then this blood clot coach. You think about all this now. I think i'm a numbers guy. Percentages mean a lot so overall i think. Hey that's pretty affecting. If i evaluate plan with somebody they shot six billion shots and miss six of them pretty good. You're you're you're you're pretty pretty short. But now and i'm not against those six. That he missed a that he'd been six though that he six billion you know so on on overall. I'm happy with the numbers. I'm glad to see the seasons being very transparent in the sense. Speaking of the sixty days that happened with the blood. Kat blood clots something that you definitely want to look for. But he said what the timeframe it with like within seven days seven days it and it was happening. So hopefully you know. Sean you on the other side of that. I'm on the other side of that seven to ten days. So if your past that you should be good you know you got you. Got a hundred million johnson in the arm. Six five six black glass vile six blit klotz.

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