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Go away college baseball baseball has it right if you can you can be drafted out of high school at all but if you choose to go to college that you have to go for three years a you can't be drafted again until after your third year it works and we if we can do the same thing and have the nba invest in the jleague where guys come out of high school could actually go the jleague at make a good living you know you have we are forcing kids to go to college that don't want to go to college because vestral athletes really and they want to go from one really stand that is not a college rule lesson nba nba forces that college can't force it so they should be allowed to go the great ones little ron james of the great ones should be allowed to go from high school right the college the others have to stay three years which would cut out all this nonsense because these guys as people might know go one semester trainer for the nba draft they go to school one semester as it it's ridiculous and we get through a couple of things here number one you've been villanova eighteen years you've turned down eighteen and at least eighteen nba jobs it's another six is forty two times when he was gonna make the move dressed like an nba coach you've been eighteen years when are you going to the nba are you going to go the nba right now i don't think we're how close did you get what was the closest jomo sca this did you say yes it have known when when it's the fan ski was the president and general manager the sixers already well he was actually my neighbor yep and that time i did talk with him i met with him and then i told them i will give you an answer right away and then i just decided i i i would i would love to coach in the nba except i don't want to leave villanova to do it i love my job so it just the the long island guy you know i don't know how many folks here know long beach atlantic beach where i grew up i grew up working at the abc the atlantic beach club uh john you can always find a european hogan's alley he's always in hogan's alley all summer at the abc and if you're looking for and that's when you can find.

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