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I don't know if it's creating a toxic environment in the house but it's definitely making life. Social Media. Lakes makes life better and harder for conductive. Yeah I mean I think I think it's just like everything else in life as we're young we're GONNA make mistakes. How do we overcome those mistakes? How do we learn from our mistakes? It's it's the whole Kevin Hart thing like. Are you going to criticize me. I did fifteen years ago. Yeah I don't know. We have answered that question as a society at like nobody has answered. Thank Society will judge you for the mistakes made fifteen years ago even if you've moved on and grown. I don't know how to answer that. I'M NOT GONNA even way my opinion but it feels like now on this show that will be a common theme will be which one of these contestants since has something from the past that we're going to have to try to either forgive them for overcome they're going to have to overcome but we'll have to be brought up to the public while the air's in every contestant from here on has to know that going in this is that their dirty laundry will be spread once they say yes to be on the show it it. I think it will add a whole new element. Hey Ashley I want to pause you here And I WANNA get into later so I don't want to answer but I wanNA tease this for our listeners. Out there later on the podcast. I'm GonNa ask you this question. I'm going to have you answered. Okay based on Crystals Synopsis that it's toxic environment. Is that due to the women or feels like right now. Peter Weber is getting the criticism for allowing this toxic environment to continue to come up. Whose fault if if we have to blame it on somebody is it? We'll talk about that later on in the podcast. Also I ask all of your listeners to please write us at Ben and Ashley Iheartmedia Dot it come and let us know your opinion before you even listen to the second section on what our opinions are on that. Hey actually next Topic crisp cows. He was being flirty party with Katie Morton on instagram. This week she posted something along the lines of like aware as The favorite your favorite place that you've ever been to the world and then currents coming underneath it saying your house here. Oh I know so does that kid. That's heavy I know. Oh you know it was annoying. I saw that his comment literally moments after I left being with Katie and I could've astor Mr texted her but what is what is her. What is her feelings for Chris? Like do you feel like after being around her. She probably took this comment and laughed and giggled. And I go Chris. You're funny or is this like. Is this going to hurt her. I mean if I was engaged case. So let me go back to my relationship from the show. Okay and I'm what two months off for the break-up and this was said I would be so confused like so confused. Her disheveled hold that that was set after like. I don't know I just don't feel like when you're engaged and you break up this type of stuff you talk about and say I guess it leads us as an audience at the end and not like if we weren't friends with Katie and I couldn't just texture From an audience point of view. I would see that as like. They're they're talking talking again right. Let's let's start the rumor in the almost podcast that there is a possibility that Katy and Chris are potentially may be talking based on this competent. Torey is she knows stuff and she's looking at me and I'm not gonNA call her out or put on the Mike but she's like laughing and she says she thinks are off base and just go that well. Hey Anyway it's a story. We talked about it Chris. Bukowski is flirty with Katie Morton on instagram. We have no idea Next Door Nick Vile wants Demi Burnett also semi nets. That sounds so weird She's Demi Not Levada me so nick wants Demi to lead the Bachelorette and have both female and male contestants Obviously Nick and Demi are quite close and I liked the idea of it. I definitely think that she should be in the running. There's a lot all of them. I don't have a good work here I'm going to call it messy nece. That could happen if demme who is somebody who was sexually. Fluid is the lead you would supposedly need straight guys like half straight guys have straight girls to be the cast because if you can fluid people you would run the risk of them falling in love while they're in the house and I guess that is something we could be the open to as well but it definitely changes the structure of the show. Yeah I mean that happened a few years ago I remember talking to think Lance Bass was the host of it. I forget that's exactly. Yeah it was on cable and it was just for gay guys. Yeah and we I remember talking to Lance about it and that was a legitimate concern from production of how do we keep people people from falling in love with each other in house because that's not the concept of the show great if it happens. Connections are being made. People were falling in love. But it's hard to produce Intel a story when when there's so many different storylines that could be kind of coming to fruition within the House I think Demi would be. I mean think about this Demi went from being on Colton season to kind of being the we never knew what the caller she wasn't the villain of the season she just like was the one that would stir up havoc or like was always kinda commenting on things to them being on Paradise and having a beautiful story the bachelor nation celebrated with her to now being a front runner for bachelorette is as much of a transition addition on the show. As anybody we've seen I mean maybe since Colton Underwood Colton underwent went from being like kind of. Yeah maybe Bachelor slayer but there's more people that will probably pick above him to going on paradise and kind of having a Niagara Storyline and then all of a sudden he's Bachelor and beloved Demi has has made a triumphant run towards the top. And her name I think is probably legitimately up there for Bachelor. I think she's in the top. I really yeah. I think she's would be maybe even above anybody from this season. I think you'll be hearn. Hannah Brown right now. I don't know how I mean. We'll get into a layer another tease for later on the PODCAST. I'll ask Ashley who her top choice for Bachelor Bachelorette is right now. Because I I don't know like with neither nobody knows We'll talk about that later. But yes I'm with you Ashleigh. Dimming has to be up there are last news for the week is it is a conspiracy theory. That is absolutely not true. But I think it's humorous enough to discuss on the PODCAST. Some people are speculating that Peter ends up with one of his producers servers and this producer is Hayes like one on one or the the producer that sticks around with here all the time. People all are looking through way too hard thinking that he ends up with her and that. I don't think it's going to happen. Actually I know it's not happening. I can confirm well. Here's the thing. How does this even start? Because every year you get off the show and you have a one on one producer if you're the bachelor the Bachelorette sure at and you spend a ton of time with him and you go to all these cool events with them and you'll go to award shows with them you go to the New Jersey thing with them like this is not uncommon. It's happened for years at least since I've been on this show. How did this rumor start? Okay so I have. I have the the points. The bullet points filming wrapped on November seventeenth and this producer went to Sydney with another producer. Potentially why Peter's mom is saying bring her home because La is home to both of them and said producer. User is still in Australia. Meanwhile Peter is backing A. It's not until the producer returns to La that that things get serious two weeks later. I think they reconnect. Figure things out the nightclub in Vegas. They're at a nightclub in Vegas with other bachelor people we'll And it gives them the opportunity to go slow in public with people that they trust they are both in. La this whole time no need for a safe house visit because they can just say they're get they're meeting up because it's work another who's reporting and these are like I think a collective amount this is. This is a compilation that women's Health magazine put together based on lots of people's research on Rennet to sit. Yeah you just tell us a little bit more. Let's summarize this here because it's confusing so let some. I'll summarize at this point. The rumor has started. It has spread everywhere. If you Google Peter Weber's name right now. It's one of the first articles that come up. And it's not just one source that Peter Webber actually falls in love with his producer from the show and they leave the show together. Ashley is claiming that it's definitely not true. Want to pause you Ashley and say why are you so confident. I'm confident because I have. I have people that I know the production team shocking right. Yeah it would be a lot more fun to go through these bullet points about how they could lead into a relationship together. If I didn't just tell you that's absolutely not true. In you just know we we can say here on the almost famous podcast. Well we will source this and say it is absolutely not true. Well then again n my source and production could be totally throwing me off. He has produced for many years. Oh this is also scary and confusing right right now. We'll say that based on our knowledge Peter Weber is not fall in for his producer but production and the people. The bachelor have kept better. Your secrets my source did say. Isn't that just so silly or like so ridiculous. They never really said hard now. Now that I think about it Ashleigh the I think we need to now reverse our claim and say it could be true producer. Tori just sent a little piece of paper over my my way and hits that this producer created a pinterest board a wedding in travel themed Pinterest Board the night. The show ended around that time. I don't know if that means anything. I think if anything it would be her planning Peter and whoever he ends up with. wooding have zero comment on this. Is that really evidence. I don't know anymore Ashley now. Now I'm confused and if that's the way this show in this season I'll tell you one thing it will be one of the most dramatic crazy wild wild things I've ever experienced in my life. Hey that's we're gonNA leave this topic because I don't know what to say. That's the hot topics for today. Let's take a break and we'll come back active breakdown Peter's episode in Lima Peru of the bachelor.

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