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So he's GonNa have to be smart. He's going to have to positionally get himself there willie struggle with knowing exactly what spots he needs to be figuring out a new league figuring out how it's officiated. These are all very interesting things. There is a saying can't teach old dog new tricks. That's a cliche for a reason but if I pick any old dog to teach new tricks to I'm picking. So very excited about this signing. How can you not be? We've covered verner we've covered the topic, but those aren't the only signing Chelsea of made everybody. The women's team is absolutely loaded. That's right the community shield and yes, look I'm so upset that people actually make fun of the Community Shield on the women's side to number one it's been away for a minute. Right this is off last year, and this was essentially a championship match between one and two. In the League we'll get into that and we'll get into the unbelievable signing that Chelsea's women's team just announced and great news even bigger than the Community Shield for Americans that love watching soccer coverage in this country really exciting news. We'll tell you all about that coming up next. What every minute of every match download the fifth round the official. Chelsea. Or Right Chris we could talk about the two zero victory over Manchester City some. And we will Manchester City without the American Roosevelt, I know that made headlines over here. Same. Kerr had chances in this game. Didn't find the back of the net she looked a little rusty I was wearing. Jersey really expecting her to finally get one in the back of the net didn't happen for her but and dog friend of the show milly bright just hinder goal of the season already million right from the other side of the planet gets one of the net and Chelsea never looked back Aaron. Cuthbert comes on replaces Sam Kerr is if you're at all familiar with the Women's game insane Chelsea are absolutely loaded. Great to see Frame Kirby back out there I don't know of many in our audience really familiar with what she's. Overcome just get back out on the Pitch Bedridden inflammation around her heart frame. Kirby, Geez at Absolute demi-god out there I know I think you've found your favorite player on Chelsea Women's team I mean to have England and Aaron covered coming off the bench coming off the bench Chris winning hand. These are household names in the women's game, and they're only going to get better because they just announce a new signing Chris Yeah pernille harder joining Volts Berg in Germany, and those are all in the positions where Karen Cuthbert embedding Lyndon Sam. sam-koo play and I heard Liam to me of the athletic talking about the women's team that apparently Emma Hayes just likes to build out her squad too late survival of the fittest through all their best strikers numbers playing the best right now gets to play and I don't think people really grasp big designing..

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