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Aency gays kcci appear man has been indicted by a federal grand jury on child pornography charges david foster was indicted wednesday on charges of receipt and distribution of images depicting the central exploitation of minors and possession of found pornography the year old has pleaded not guilty to the charges the indictment alleges foster knowingly received and distributed images that depicted miners engaged in sexually explicit can a the incident also claimed foster was in possession of child porn between october 5th of 2016 and may fourth of last year the department of homeland security is conducting the investigation foster is out of jail on bond pending trial the maximum penalty of convicted of the charges is up to forty years in prison and ori five hundred thousand dollar fine supervised release for life is also possible as a penalty as his restitution and a two hundred dollar assessment of the federal crime victims fund a tentative trial date is set for march 20th lee fort pierce at be council had one thing to discuss monday night and discuss they did for nearly an hour and fifteen minutes officials aldermen and members of the community expressed themselves on how the city on the west side of the missouri rivers should proceed with any possible additions to a new missouri rivercrossing both appear in fort pierre well beyond the hook for no more than one million dollars a piece if all added elements are built into the bridge the question for many became how to pay for the additions mayor gloria hansen says ford pierre we'll have plenty of time to cover the bill is isn't it of funds from either city fleet five years before he have to pay anything and so in five years only of talked about finding other sources and i think efficient harksen probably is a source of planning for especially the water access new tourism yes because this would be in ordinary addition to enhance the attraction of the river and south dakota in maybe governor's office economic development essen so in the five years.

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