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Matt LeBlanc said that. Sharon, Osborne, asked him to have a threesome with her and Ozzy. Sarah. Sharon says that she was kind of kidding. But then admitted if he would have gone for it. I would have called my husband said, let's go bring in somebody home ready cry. Ready for a threesome. There's no punch line here. Be awake for it. Probably. The first key there. Oh boy music on at some slow jams? Maybe silk pajama, very white maybe ponytail. Yes. Oh, it doesn't get in the way for whatever. He's doing. Yeah. Take some snacks. Some crow knacks always say snap. Okay. Even though he's gone, Don, Rickles, appears as Mr. potato head and Toy Story four thanks to audio. He recorded over twenty five years. They piece it together from the first three movies theme parks that he recorded stuff for the character and video games. So they just took all of that worked him in. That's great. That's lead. I wonder if his family gets a paycheck for that. The question. I hope so. Yeah. Okay. Adventures fans are debating theory, which I love this theory that ant man could easily defeat Thanos by flying into his. But and then growing really big. Maxence doesn't it? Yeah. So. Well, it makes sense it probably it's not a good idea for a Disney movie. That was really fun to entertain that idea. I think okay. Let's see here on TV this weekend. We have the third season of the Santa Clarita diet. You didn't really like that? Did you watch the first season? I didn't go back after that. I watched I tried to watch the first episode, and I was like, I'm just not laughing a lot. I don't know. I don't mind like gruesome gross stuff. It's just. Yeah. Okay. Where can you? Yes. Keep going with that. Yes. Well, they're going to the three seasons coming out today that we also have on AMC on Sunday. We have the ninth season finale of the Walking Dead. Are you excited about that? Because Walking Dead is back. Okay episode. Oh my goodness. Maybe I should. I haven't watched any of this season so distress. Okay. And then this finale. Okay. That'd be good. All right. We also have the keeping up with the Kardashians. Sixteenth season premiere on Sunday night on e. Khloe talks about Tristan. I know of that for sure she's crying and freaking out in the trailer for that. Let's still weird isn't as we already know kind of what happened. I mean. What else can we learn? I don't know. Okay. On HBO. We have the second season premiere of berry on Sunday and also on HBO the seventh season premiere of veep Sunday night..

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