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Grab the I have Odin. And they all three starts screaming in pain and he manages to whip the I from her neck. and. Fox. Fault ground chains to transplant. Yeah. So I have to say I don't like the yell noise at the US for where Fox. I it's unlike a T. Rex will this last one here I thought was pretty fucking heavy metal. Yeah. It would definitely was. Yeah. So. Liz What I. Thought Would Have Been Hilarious. She turns back into human. She's naked and I thought had been so funny if it went unexplained but she was wearing a trenchcoat. Says she's just turned up naked. So. Which makes me wonder how does she get the trench coat every other time that she's turned maybe she hit it stashed away. Yeah. That makes sense. That's kind of what they do in true blood like this genes are seventy dollars right now for sure I'm a Werewolf I'm not a millionaire. Yeah although she is probably anyway. So this was my favorite part of the whole show. Dream Boat suddenly tears away her skirt she. Super Short sexy skirt, and these Thoai high tides and a Garter Bell and. This is that a Garner builder? Is it like Thi- holster was both so probably just a thigh holster that she was using as garter belt. Yeah. Super. fucking sexy. Why? What's This is the costumes she was trying to hide from going. The after party costume. So she gives her big huge skirt to Fox and covers her I'm pretty sure when she bends down to cover Fox, you can see Dream Bill Belichick Garbo's got saucy in this episode they dead I. Love De, some Dream Boat Button. So she's protecting her sounds. Nice. Yeah and then Owen comes with the helicopter. Yeah. This is a quick dissension. The episode we all take to the end here it's. Not My favorite ending but really fast. Yes it does so like you said. piss boy in descends in the helicopter to retrieve deluxe and Fox I like how Goliath just said straight up the I vote and I don't fucking trust you with that as my now. Yeah. Deluxe goes. Oh, like for a trade be like I get my woman back and you get the the necklace and he's like, no, that's not what I meant. I wasn't GonNa ever Steal Fox from you, but you just don't get to keep this necklace right and in this bit of conversation is a clip I wanNA play because it speaks to exactly the kind of person in just a few lines that deluxe is yeah. She's alive. The I. Give it to me. A trade let's just say. I don't trust you with it. So, now you know my weakness only you would regard love. As a weakness episode ends with deluxe cradling, Fox, and carrying her onto the helicopter. We end on a shot of Owen wearing a look that I think suggests that used to be me. Used to carry me away. So Jealous, he is jealous they shared something and he doesn't know why that can no longer be and that's gotTa hurt he so loyal as he stays as employees slash sub. 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The deluxe plan thing is the only thing that really took away from it for me said, real understand what was his plan justice capture? was like, was he wanting to see how you react as aware awards like I don't fuck. You know what was happening there because you feel like if he wanted to see what the eye of Odin could do, he would just like put a AD in back page for medical experiments get a college student in their lock them in containment cell for twenty four hours put it on and see what happens what I just described. Sounds much more like deluxe. Her a company that deluxe own right I mean. That's what he did for the DNA gargoyles creatures things. Yeah. So this what does the I vote in? Do I have several plans to find out? Didn't play very well from. He didn't make a comment like I. Know I mentioned this before, but they said it brings out the power insight of. Whoever wears it or whatever, and maybe Dream Boat and well What do you think that says about her then if this is what does stir and which rule? You're waiting into dangerous territory. Little caddy look at. But overall I agree with you one hundred percent. This was really fun. One was some saucy bits. Yes. There was some fun mythical creature bits. Yes. Every time they expand the Gargle universe I like it granted we're playing with the same characters but in a new way it was mostly fun and you know. I think part of the issue with Gargoyles is they play fast and loose with the wise of the situation. So it's like why why is deluxe doing this thing and they're like he cares As an me know, I'm an adult watch shows like I'm really interested in those. What this fucking guys doing like is he one of those villains who thinks he's the hero like DC have some master plan for the betterment of? Humanity and blah, Blah Blah because that would be really interesting to know. But often plan is just like mustache twirly devious guy I do you feel like this almost gave a different dimension of him though more so than a lot of the other episodes have because there's something that he actually loves I think that he does love Fox and he's broken. So he doesn't know what loving person means Gerardo would love to know his background is it's Like there's so much room. Is He from a billionaire family easiest made man like how did he get to be where he is now and why is he so broken I need backstory Fantastic. Now, maybe that comic book series goes into something maybe something we're going to have to do some research into or you know what I bet all this interesting back stories in the second genesis game gotta play. GotTa find a Sega on Ebay. Which I'm not opposed to civically for more content. So.

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