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Storm button tradition and casey stangl and pinstripes mo vaughn was like that um michael rhetoric when he goes second begum sort of going down the latter your but when he came to the right think it was mark ready went to northwestern and he did some research and he wanted to wear number three because jimmy fox had worn it and it was a hall of fame players only got a complete systems available there there are certain guys that are like that there than their other players that camp they don't care about the what why ski in in time standards in all that stuff up at the guard they don't care about minal hitch minute bobby your they just want to play and make money him achieve greatness and so forth and there are athletes who who do need son when teachers and nightclubs and all that and they are athletes who who do not want the socalled scrutiny from the boston baseball experience and the western hockey experience and so forth and i always use the example dave righetti because i used to cover the yankees dave righetti loved he said did nothing great greater than coming in in the ninth inning stadium in a few blow it they bore you off the field and you have to answer to forty or fifty reporters for whatever reason righetti loved mo vaughn loved it of ways to fight with it pedro loved it david ortiz loved it used a shoe us away an f this and screw you and all that but listen he he knew all our names in another one was laid dykstra and i'm going to have a problem with ariane not only they loved it they thrived off here they performances the fish thought went lenny dykstra literally would talked to reporters what paper you with what's the circulation and you do this little calculation this is how much time i'm gonna give you based on the circulation but i mean is there some guys it really get into that stuff so so to answer your question where you posed it to me.

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