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Com. You'll get ten percent off us eric. Ten year ic- and the number ten. One oh eric one oh But anyway they're new we'll be talking about them In the weeks ahead. And i say can i jump in here eric. Good taste good tasting supplements More milk we should also mention if you go to salem. Now and use the code eric. Salem now dot com church people is being featured. It's an insane movie. It starring a lot of people. I know they didn't offer me parts on bidder. But i watched it and i gotta tell you we've got billy baldwin. We've got china phillips baldwin. We've got stephen baldwin. We've got mike. Lindell everybody's in it and it's insane and you can get a discount if you use the code. Eric alvin. What else are we going to talk about. We had something that we're going to talk about before we forget. Know what. I forgot chris. Chris can you talk about frank staffs well. We're going to be talking about frank. I should say we're gonna be talking to mike lindell for the rest of this hour in an hour. Talking to spit. Llano cova about is amazing. She was kind of caught up in the russian collusion madness because she was born in russia And met general flynn. She was kind of swept into the lunacy. A of of what happened. So she's going to be on here to tell her story. I it's unbelievable. I want to mention actually before. We go the break This weekend. I'm speaking in california. I'm speaking in california a couple of times. Next week i will be in california obviously I'm speaking at rob mccoy's church in california the following weekend if you go to my website eric. Metaxas dot com. You can go to speaking. Most of it should be updated We were having some trouble. But i think it's going to be updated now. I'm speaking in billings. Montana in december on december seventh and lots of stuff in between I'm really. I'm just doing a lot of speaking. I'll be in tennessee. Cook t cookeville tennessee. The following week. i guess. What does that next week the week after two weeks now all. I'm doing an event in lancaster. pennsylvania. I'm doing a bunch of events in texas in the next months ahead am speaking in. Danbury connecticut on may ninth. That's called mother's day. Speaking at a church is called his vineyard bethel connecticut in danbury. I say damn bridge on the border. It's in bethel connecticut his vineyard. I'm speaking at their at their ten. Am service speaking about fish out of water..

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