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Airing george a judge ian bless philip big guy name he's a monster six i've never seen any body in a winfield some similar the more imposing figures in baseball never seen anybody like that at home plate ever the mark mcgwire yes that's a good one yes that's another good one but even bigger yes andrei that giant smaller than a nice kid to what's up it may not know chance but jerry out there that this something up is the balls this year of the balls that different and the pats they say different to sell the going off the steroid now and talking about the actual bowls and bites what happened at wimbledon wimbledon nut job of its place today federal place today bosniak eve plays today and i have no idea who played yesterday who are doing i see i have no interest venus venus the win right venus wins yet yes so she's still alive also bernie what what does it you said you were going to have earlier when something from trump by going to have trump about a half hour ago in poland oscar briefing older here is the first of lurafino well enough to seven but resolves this lull john no and the.

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