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Huge explosions and it looked like everything was just on fire I haven't seen anything just explode that much for the sixth year in a row a name the storm has developed before the official June first start of the Atlantic hurricane season tropical storm Arthur has formed off the coast of Florida you're listening to ABC news radio time is four oh two the governor changed his mind on signature collecting rules during the pandemic governor Poloz says petitioners can now gather signatures by mail and email he signed an executive order authorizing the secretary of state to create temporary rules allowing the change he signed another executive order which temporarily suspends the requirement of signing petitions in the presence of a petition circulator the governor also extended an executive order limiting in person contact for twenty twenty elections while allowing them to proceed safely and without interruption Laura hands KOAA news radio and some new data on a possible treatment for echo the nineteen convalescent plasma treatment involves taking plasma from a recovered covered nineteen patient and giving it to someone still fighting the disease still don't know the effectiveness of this treatment even though it hurts really encouraging anecdotal stories that's Dr Steven Cobb hundreds of people in the state have gotten the treatment recent numbers show fifty four patients have received the treatment at St terra hospitals so far twenty have been discharged at the Medical Center of Aurora eighty five percent of the sixty two people receiving the treatment have survived a new restaurant report shows that if current virus pandemic last another six months owners say their chances of survival are only a fifteen percent robin and Steve humble run free range a farm to table eatery in basalt Colorado crystal all right now we don't know when things are going to achieve the gas and if there is going to be another crisis the census bureau says half of small business owners say they'll be out of cash without it within a month and the Denver zoo has a new resident at gravy zebra was born this week Greg zebras are the largest type zebra weighing up to nine hundred and fifty pounds for more news listen to the daily dive.

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