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Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more just the history of fashion as a production of iheartradio Over seven billion people in the world. We all have one thing in common every day. We all get dressed. Who is dressed the history of fashion. A podcast for explore. The who. what when of why we wear. We are fascist orients and your hosts april callaghan and cassidy zachary so today dress listeners. The root the pay appears as just any other store line street so you have the hustle and bustle of presient life. Which animates the street. We you know honking horns jackhammers. Various types of construction work totally The presence of cardi as black marble facade is really one of the last remaining hints at a bygone era when the street was heralded as one of the sheikh. If not these she gets streets in the world so what women war on the sidewalks of the retailer pay was newsworthy as what could be purchased in its shops. It was all reported in detail and fashion magazines across europe and america in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and at this time the retail pay was the fashion street. I mean it was the fantasy of every aspiring fashion sta and also the reality of the uber wealthy and the elite from around the globe. So it was this international shopping destination of the glitterati of society from the demimondaine. All the way up to royalty from all around the world and the street itself was so legendary that had actually inspired perfumes. Plays and also imitations because this is quite interesting. Cast madison avenue in new york. Historically has kind of like especially kind of when it emerged as elite shopping destination in the us it was referred to as the new rubella pay in the nineteen twenties right and in one thousand nine hundred thousand. Five article by vogue magazine called the riddle. Pay quote the street of a thousand luxuries. The most luxurious the most complete shopping street in all the world within these limits are centered. The reasons that send the feet of every chic american woman who comes to paris flying to the root of the pay first last and many times in between end quote and april. It's not lost on us. That almost one hundred years after this article was written you and i were in fact to american women. Yes we actually dressed listeners. As you will recall from last week's a recap. We made the riddler pay the first stop on our recent fashion history tour of paris so we are so excited to share with. You are walking tour in hopes that you can imagine what it would have been like to shop. Once one of the most covetable shopping destinations in the world. Yes and even if you are in paris on your own you could take this podcast with you and this is our audio company. Meant to our tour of the pay. So we're gonna actually begin our tour on the opposite end of the plastic dome. So the end of the rule of pay that's closest to the palais gonyea the paris opera house. If you're standing in that direction near looking down the road you'll pay what you're going to see at. The end is the plastic dome which was just round plaza. And what we want to talk about here is the fact that that round plaza which now houses a column the statue on top. Actually that site was originally the home for church prior to the nineteenth century and in eighteen. O six napoleon bonaparte had that church demolished to make way for this new street into the loss fontham where he had erected a giant column crown with his statue not the same column in statue than it is today. But let's just say you know. Obviously it goes without saying that that when this statue was there during his reign the regional pay was actually called the rue napoleon and it was only after that he was finally deposed in eighteen. Fifteen that the street was given its new name for which it would earn world renown as a fashion destination as the russillo. Pay out on. Before i forget little fashion history facts here that person. Napoleon had demolished while apparently it also held the remains of one of fashion histories. Icons the madame de pompadour. And we're not exactly sure what happened to her remains and maybe one of our french colleagues out. There might and lightness. They might know and we'd love to hear yes absolutely so by eighteen. twenty two. The travel guide gallon. yanni's paris guide or strangers companion through the french metropolis. Described the riddle of pay as quote the center of the fashionable part of the city and quote. But at this time it was occupied by furnished hotels offices of physicians and surgeons and really the only fashioned purveyors of dress were to boot and shoemakers a few jewelers and a perfumer or perfume. Yea said this at all changed by the time the first stop on our tour opened its doors at twenty one. Rusillo pay an eighteen seventy one and while the coach house we are about to talk about opening eighteen seventy one. It really was only the latest incarnation of a family business. The history of which extends all the way back to eighteen sixteen when a family opened a lingerie which at this time meant linen undergarments. They opened this laundry and linens at business so dressed listeners will give you a couple of seconds but do you have any guests it dun dun dun dun dun dun. I love that you did the sound effects on the show. Because i can't sing but you can. And that is something that address start might know that you have been the singer to front woman of a few bands in your time. Oh my gosh. I mean yeah another lifetime. Does okay dress listeners. If you happen to guest. Jacques do say you'll be correct but if you did not guess jock please do not in any way shape or firm feel bad because do say today is is as you know outside of maybe people who are professionals in this field kind of a lesser known haute couture compared to like worth. But we do have to say this. Did you say house was one of the leading bella hawk. Could we're houses of the era and do say himself is perhaps today actually more famous for his illustrious art collection which included post impressionist and cuba's artists as compared to his career as a fashion designer so his collection included one of the most famous works of art of all time. Day mozelle davin yom which. Apparently he bought directly from so out of.

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