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What am optimistic about is on i want to say manuel rebecca mentioned terms of the renewed sense of civil civic engagement and right now that civilian gays it is oriented towards one particular political challenge that we have now but i think there's a great opportunity to leverage the energy and enthusiasm to tackle other big social problem such as criminal justice in ms incarceration so i think it's gonna take a lot of creative work to get people to be just says energetic around these other social issues but i think the possibilities there well that was quite a conversation my hope as the executive producer life law is that this conversation will encourage our listeners to go and read your bucks to read heather thomson's blood in the water the attica rebellion of 1971 and its legacy to read rebecca mclennan's book the crisis of imprisonment to read care about writers book 23 seven pelican bay prison and the rise of longterm solitary confinement to follow ashley rubens work at the university of toronto and to pay attention to the work that's coming out of san quentin prison report which was founded by troy williams and who is going into send quinton not just today but on a regular basis to make it a realisation that the men who are incarcerated actually have a voice our don't have to wait to come outside the walls to tell us who they are in studio san quentin was produced by myself and tony gannon we wanna thank rebecca mclennan a soggy obasi keira met rider ashley rubin heather thomson and troy williams for joining us in studio you can find links to their books and articles on our website life of the law dot org.

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