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Wait, forty W H A. Good morning. Tony Cruz Kentucky morning news habitat with this. John Cohen ABC, news consultant and former acting undersecretary for intelligence at the department of homeland security, and John I wanna ask you first when did air traffic controllers, border security agents, TSA personnel and the FBI become non essential services. According to the federal government. Really disturbing conversations. I'm having with people whether they work department of homeland security FBI other affect a law enforcement organization better affected by the sect found. They're gonna. Dennis Ferrier impact on not only their morale, but on their ability to their job, and because of that this country thing threatening when FBI agent hanging from you don't have a linguist translating intercepts from foreign countries or of people operating in the US when I are more worried about whether they're going to be able to buy food or KEDO barrels or or or or pay their mortgage. They're not concentrating on their investigation. And quite frankly, they're not concentrating on their face. They I a huge problem. The agents association indicated that it's having an impact on children child exploitation cases and being unable to pay coveted and former in drug cases or make drug buys. It's we're we're talking about security in the drug issues that we have here they come across. The border well here internally inside our own nation. We have this problem still. And now, I didn't know that a lot of these people aren't being paid. Yeah. Irony is found is being described that they. Public policy debate that has emphasis perspective. Five billion dollars to the administration magically put the wall. Fan. And as we heard from expert. It would not have a significant impact on the soil. Perritt coming into this country or illegal immigration every day shutdown. I there's a higher likelihood positive impact on the FBI and other. Doc investigation jobs has a higher likelihood of mass shooting our akara package, a higher likelihood of violent crime, increasing in our community. Either the higher drug traffickers and smugglers gang members. Criminal activity. As a non partisan individuals who has entered entire career in public Stacey law enforcement and homeland security. How Representative government opening renewed. I want to ask you this question though. 'cause you indicated that the wall would not have an impact on some of the issues that you pointed out here, and you've heard this from experts, but we also see videos, even a border security agents that say otherwise that say people do come across here, we don't have. But by the time, they're crossing even with our technology. We can get to them. What do you say to those kinds of things that the American public also season? Read a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, minutes, etc. And the way I. At follows. Security clearly is reporting we have to make sure that we have the right? Fucking border. Coming into the concert. From glover. Jan. The border Colonel. But. As the political party was happy. You're listening to the president. A day. When you listen to most Democrats, they all say the same thing with sports. Comes from a mixture of barriers from location. I technology wrong in more remote areas..

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