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They had a couple of times early on in the game where they were a little bit undisciplined in their Rush lanes and just in her room was able to get out of the pocket and make that goes from outside the pocket but as the game sort of War on they had that ability to keep them in the pocket and pressure him with 4 then play a really good coverage on the back end and they held one of the best pass offenses in the league as I wrote a lot this week the 7th ranked passing offense by dvoa coming into this game to three point nine yards per attempt on Sunday that is a terrific game plan. And then execution of the game plan on game day last week same thing great execution of the game plan against Kyler Murray and the Cardinals. So what you're seeing is that the coaches were doing it up. They're coming up with good plans and the defensive players are able to go out there and execute the plan and practice it well Wednesday through Friday and have it carry over into game execution. That's something that the dog I'm getting really hang their hats on we knew they could run the ball offensively. We knew that the Special Teams could be better and it certainly has been over the last couple of weeks. But this maturation of the defense taking that very next step to do, you know, okay, they're pretty good or early on the season. They were awful quite frankly to now being a really strong unit that can actually control the football game regardless of how limited your passing game is. If you can play defense just that now you're not going to show everybody out. But if you can hold people to Seventeen twenty points a game you can play offense like this, you know, you can win games running the football and really having that be the strong point of your of your team offensively. If you get into games where you're their defense is giving up points, then you have to rely on cams arm a little bit more so that sort of that complementary football thing that we've been talking about special teams and defense tributing to make the life easier on the offense and allow them to put to do what they are good at offensive Lee which is run the football and again, when you when you when you have the defense play like this you can get away with exactly what they got along. Today and and again just an unbelievable. If you were to look through just pour through some of the stats of this game. I mean the leading receiver for the Patriots Gunner olszewski with one reception for 38 yards leading receiver the the most receptions for anyone today James White with three for a total of 1 yard..

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