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Mitzvah we shot at the Beverly Hilton. Hotel brought your wardrobe brought my own fucking wardrobe to the Beverly Hilton though. That's a little buddy that had to wear dress because I was. I've always been a dude and I just was like. Yeah what role. Some weakness muscle isn't Espacio. Wow why do I hear and read Ravin? We always give good phone. We always that yours. Do it again here at Red Robin. We always give good phone. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Go back to have my mom. Off-camera was like amy. Are you eating ice cream and they say not anymore because I'm meeting frozen yogurt and I was hired because my face was full full face. My mom didn't want me eating full-fat ice cream. So that's a fun. Like Ninth Grade Locker Hallway conversation piece. Oh might not anymore like oh how do I shrink do it with chicken? I said what I told those guys when they had a heater Beata. I said deal with chicken due chicken next thing. I know those guys are doing it with chicken in. Thanks guys really want to be in the same retirement home. I know right. Let's retire together. Well yeah that bell. Oh my God. Chicken remember. Delete on read. Outside and somebody screaming check-in how old were you? I was like probably I dunno nineteen or something God when they first came out with chicken veal look it up on Youtube right now. It's hilarious okay. So now I WANNA. My middle name is not Fiona. I don't know why the fuck the Internet my middle name is. Fiona is is not is really. Yeah it's not paper. It's not because take it off all right. All right contributed to wikipedia. Now I deserve to set the record straight in my middle name is Dr. What is your I don't discuss. But it's not fucking Fiona Okay. So you weren't able to give to me examples of liberation during axiom but can you think of any for me? It was difficult for me to make the transition from. This is interesting because now I know what I can say to you. Okay my whole move in. The eighties was a boy. I was a boy I played a boy and night court like I was pretending to be a boy. Were you like a trouble? The law no like bull Richard Mall. Yeah he wanted to foster a kid so I pretended to be a boy. And then there's a big reveal at the end You know and I come out and address and that that always exactly exactly I did. The Red Foxx show and the whole show. I am a boy and then they find me at the end and resigned to Soto says I can spot my own species and so I did that. I did a movie called something special where I play a girl who wants to be a boy. So Seth Green cells me a crystal on the night of the eclipse. And I throw it at the moon and I wake up and I have a penis. I'm not kidding so this was all the stuff that I had in my early career. Every time I did apart they would even put girl in the title so like I played a character named Stevie and something and they wrote girl Stevie so people would know is just like this bizarre time fight so then when I went from that then all of a sudden you know when I had to do the girl Shit. That was hard for me. You know so like this. One movie that they had to put girl in. My name was called bad manners with Martin Mal and Karen. Black this crazy movie and we break into a house and I was wearing a towel and I was really young. I was like fifteen or something and the director said. Hey Pam what do you think if your towel dropped and we saw your butt and I was like what and I had to kiss this boy in the movie and he made me feel uncomfortable and I hadn't kissed a boy yet and so it was all of that kind of stuff that I guess. It was hard for me to get through because also I was a late bloomer and I didn't have a boyfriend until I was eighteen. And and then I remember I did a show called the heights in Vancouver. There was a time we were all doing shit in Canada. Yeah what was? I called the heights. I don't know how do you talk to an angel. The yes that's all I remember and so I had to like have kind of a sex scene with this guy and he he was like we had to find condoms and I felt very intimate and I also felt like wow. This is kind of like I'm I'm a girl like they're considering me to be a woman it was yes it transition for me you know and then kind of doing all of that stuff was just. I never really thought of myself that having to have any kind of sexuality on camera makes me incredibly nervous. It's probably for me. It's it's probably the hardest because I just don't fundamentally feel. I mean I feel sexy but that's a very it's an intimate feeling and remember dry doing seven seasons of California -cation of my God. Oh my God I like like I had this co star wants really handsome guy and when we had to kiss though it felt like I felt like he really didn't want to kiss me and we had to do it. You know whatever and it felt like I jokingly say to my friends whatever. The felt like trying to open up a clam with my mouth. We felt like not that I wanted to talk him or anything it. Just yeah. It's loose up baby. He sucked his lips in or something. And we see which and I was already feeling Unattractive Yahoo v Star so that ideas like. Oh my gosh. He doesn't that kind of thing. Haunts me. I'm getting a little bit better at it. But but a what. This is crazy because this is a very relevant thing. Because now they have intimacy coordinators. That's right and my friend. Michael Arnold was like the first person who did that. He did it for the wolf of Wall Street for Scorsese and he was the choreographer for Joaquin Phoenix and joker. But I was like the nudity whisper on California -cations so when people came in I would be like listen. Don't worry you're not gonNA do anything you don't WANNA do. I swear to God because I was everybody's mommy that's so nice though you know so then this season we've got scenes in a locker room and and stuff that's intimacy and my producer brought it up to me and I was like one hundred percent. I mean if I think that I'm above that because I'm the ultimate Mommy I've been running my set for four seasons. I know what I'm doing better than anybody no way so. I had this woman called. Ma'am was the coolest woman. Come onto the set this season. I had some kids kissing. I had some kids who had to be in bed together and it just made everything infinitely easier because you're just surrounded with love and if you think back to that scene that you had with that guy it's like God damn it if there was one other person who was there. Yeah hey how did you deal with your daughters? Like entering that world of heartbreak sexuality whatever it was because you you seem like you must have always had very open. Communication with them absolute. Oh please I was the mom. That was like okay. Everybody should definitely you know? If you feel like touching yourself you should. They would be like. I'm like but you should really do it in your great room. Only I did at one point having no G. string policy because I didn't WanNa fuck and see that I was like running the best little whorehouse in Texas. Everybody's walking around in fucking lingerie under their friends. I was like I don't WanNa see that shit like I mean it's not that I was like Sally Kellerman. And Fox's like you're like forty old midgets and you mean ones and you make me hate my giving the hate my abs and I remember Sally Kellerman in Fox's looking at Jodi foster and Cherie and all of them and they're all beautiful in young and she's and she's a single mom and I never like kind of connected those until recently and I was seeing my my house with like you know the girls and their their their bodies changing and then They're you know whoever was thirsty for boys or girls or whatever's going on but I grew up in a very. I'm sorry can't say conservative. My mother would kill my mom racing thing yes yes. Mom is like an atheist liberal but she oh sing -servative yes so fucking constrict. I could barely have friends over to hang out and so the new mom didn't have any good food in the house was just all fucking Shit. I know I never. I wanted to write a commercial streets. One time childhood. Please mom one fucking marshmallow anything. I don't need salad every night. Who's GONNA eat liver? Get me a dog so I can feed it the liver under the table. These are all true but so each daughter you know. I always joke that that my oldest daughter's the burnt pancake. You know. Because she's the first one and she's like thank you mom for instilling all of this stuff in me and then like you know the baby's like the one who was raised by wolves because there's just at that point. I had no zone defense three times over so he gets to witness you talking to your oldest daughter do get the fuck do your fucking Shit like really so. Yeah all the different you know. And then there. Of course. You know the stereotype. The girls with daddy problems we joke. We have a friend Harrison. Gideon my oldest. I was driving them and it was when their parents had split up to and so- Harris said we're just girls with daddy problems. Don't you want data and then I'm good. I'm all set but I'm learning with them. You know and I feel like I'm a better mom now than I ever was years strict. Mom Did she want you to wait until marriage? Oh you mean sex. Yeah nobody talks to me about anything. Nobody told me a fucking thing they just told me. This was my mom's sex talk. Don't shave your legs. You'll regret it for the rest of your life. Thanks mom anything else. Don't anything else. Don't shave your legs. You'll regret it for the rest of your life and I was literally the Harry's child you've ever seen does she have a point there. She just there was her you. She told me to put lotion on my neck. That didn't work. I my hair doesn't grow on my legs anymore. I could've used a sex talk. My eyebrows tried to grow together for a long time. Yeah I had a yeah and my mom was like do not whatever you do. Don't shave your eyebrows. Okay might be tempted. And so then of course. I went to the bathroom. And I fixated I got shaved them and then took like four years to like. It's keep me Shirley maclaine and postcards from the edge ever since the studio shaved eyebrows. Don't let them bury me without. My eyebrows came home from school one day. My brother was seventeen so I was fourteen. I came home from school and my mom was shaking with rage and it was like a whatever the whole strategy during that time of my life was still incorporated. A little bit was just lay low. You know. Just S- Lincoln be quiet. But my mom was shaking with fury. Because I didn't know why I said mom what's wrong. And she was shaking. She was like a prophylactic. Your brother's car a new that I should not ask what prophylactic was I had no idea and my mom later told me. That was the first time she'd ever seen a condom. But remember it being a whole thing like I was sent to my room. There was a whole like I don't know forty eight hours of intense discussion with my brother. I don't know what went on. I'm sure it was fun for him. We'll have to call them. Let's call him well. I found I found a condom in one of my daughters rooms and I freaked out. I was like what the fuck and and I I took it and I'm like this is ridiculous and I finally calm down and then I went back in the room and I put it back and I didn't even confronted with it you know and also I put it in my show in season. One that my character is. She's getting busy and I don't have a condom and I go into my daughter's room where I found the condom that I freaked out about and steal it. But here's the thing they. They had like a sex education class and they handed out condoms. So you never know you know what I mean so it just got to keep this bed mummy exactly but you would rather them have. Conduct anybody's fucking. Yeah completely. I mean I don't know what the fuck you're doing. Yeah and you become you become the mom like I became the mom that everybody came over to my house and like if kids were drinking and entitled Parents Though you. That's what I said to my kids..

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