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Are you telling me the internet overreacted. Dave i know. It's hard to believe brian race and So i think cooler heads have since prevailed and merrily they updated their ula to match really whatever the rest of their. But it's just it's it's a lot of boilerplate stuff that says. Should we choose to do this. We you grant us the permission to do this. Which everything is these days. They they cover all their bases. There's some other issues though with the developers since it was open source. And it's still technically kind of open source. They are taking very draconian approach to Contributors to the project saying that they now own the code in can do with it what they will you still own a license but you're giving them a perpetual you know full use license to it as well which again the routing fats true right. I mean it's their software. They bought it. they own it. They can do what they wish. I've seen i mean there's been some talk of that. Someone could forecast right. I mean so. That's what they're talking about now is to do a four can revert back to Premiums days in fixing it which open source go for it. Apparently they are in breach of the the licensing that they're using because they have added those things with The thirteen year olds and such mike. Yeah yeah. I mean a lot of time like the thirteen year old thing. A lot of a lot of that is sort of preemptive. Gdp our stuff. Exactly you're not even supposed to be on facebook if you're under thirteen so right right now jason. I don't know that. I have ever opened audacity worry about it. What about it sucks. Why why why in particular do not like it Just the interfaces terrible ads the interfaces fairy like early nineties yeah and they've never updated it because it is open source and a bunch coders are doing the design on it It's like. I said i haven't used it in quite some time because i don't want to i i'm still hurt. He sure that it is just a way for mediterr- a destructive way for medicare it's not non-destructive which you know as a professional. You can't do anything. That's not not destructive right. So as i know a lotta people that use it. Because they're the filters they have for removing noise from vinyl ninety percent of the people. I know that use audacity like rip their vinyl and use the filters to get rid of the pops into scratches. That's main thing because they do have a lot of built in. It also has a good filter to actually put pops and scratches back in. Which is the one time that i actually use it for something i wanted to make peace of. Mp three audio sound like it was playing all final. Oh my god i got. I speak as you reminded me of something. We had another garage sale the other day and the girl that runs the garage sale forest brought a bunch of stuff over and i ended up buying something from her. She had a mint condition. General electric tape recorder like the old school tape record. That's cool mint condition. Like i check the battery compartment. Because that's where they usually are crap. Somebody had leaky batteries. Whistle clean works like a charm. So now i have a classic cassette recorder so if anybody knows where the hell i can find a cassette. I was just about to say so in about two months. If you wanna swing by jason's house you'll be picking up a brand new tape recorder that's going on the on the wall of old crap so that that goes with my old film nikon cameras. I'll put that up with that stuff display item. But i wanted to. I want to try to the and everything it's like. Ooh you might be able to get some good sounding stuff or now. I guess i just use audacity and throw the filter on it and make it sound like exactly layer his. Yeah pretty sure. Logic can do that. I think probably got a filter for that already but anyway anyway. I thought you guys would get a kick out of that. I'll take a picture of posted somewhere. Yeah now dave. I don't know if you guys covered this next one. But i thought it was kind of interesting. Cyber attack disrupts iran's national railway system. Did you did you guys cover this one at all we did was it. A big thing wasn't a tempest in a teapot. I think it was a big thing are in iran. Were waiting for a train. To get somewhere day was ruined. Everything's relative rights I think The big thing about this is it starts. The conversation of who done it and the two most likely suspects are either israel or the us. Of course so. I didn't know if anything else came out. 'cause i saw this when it first happened and i didn't know if there were any big news bombs since then or if it was still like we don't get it i haven't seen any signs of attribution And i haven't really other than this initial report that you've that you've got here which is basically what we reported on that You know they got that. The trains weren't running right other than that. I've seen no real follow-up on physician now is the major infrastructure attack. I was going to ask. Is this train system like the train system that we discussed a few running on a hacked version of flash still because flash was discontinued and they had to create their own flash server to keep the trains running. I don't know that's a good question. I i really. I don't have a clear sense for What kind of infrastructure they have on around system. It's another thing. I really haven't seen reported with this story. But you're right. I mean it's it's a good point there's a there's a wide spectrum of of infrastructure around the world. Yes caesar held together. We think ours are bad and they are but a lot of these are held together with Baling wire and spitting tape and and all that kind of stuff. Yeah definitely so. This comes from allen liska who is one of the researchers over at recorded future He actually has written a book on ransomware. Kind of knows what he's talking about when it comes to this stuff but he tweeted this morning that all of the are evil sites all of their infrastructure appears to have gone offline at about one a m eastern time which wait for it is eight. Am in moscow so It showed up with your majesty. Yeah it's It's still at the start of the day It got shut down now. Of course what we don't know is what was the cause of this could have been it could be a temporary thing could be system failure They could be running off with the money Could be an exit. Scam could be that. The russian authorities told them to just lay low for a while could be that the russian authorities have said okay. We're done here Could be that the. Us or another one of our allies reached in and took some action on our own interesting timing after the biden putin summit in which biden basically said you guys better fucking knock it off. That's right that's right and it's interesting to see you speculation of Infosec people who it seems like what their wishing.

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