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The two of us. Shorts with the ME, Watterson? Albert. Frederick. High, this is naming lettuce welcome to the US Shots Myself Alba Frederick talking to people across the globe about that pandemic xperience. Relationship to creativity mental health and emotional wellbeing. And as always I'd like to trigger warning these adult shows of the themes will be complex and interesting, and maybe it sometimes be triggering. If you're over ten the disposition today, put this on pause and put market for later saw otherwise die right. It gives me great pleasure to introduce. Poets, charm psychotherapists, Charlotte, and so. And I've got a list of questions. But hopefully, we weren't even need less. We'll just dive all over the place. But I was thinking about your work. As a which I love as of clanking well, there's a lot of clarity and there's a lot of humanity work and. You know some poems are deliberately experimental on sometimes you have to have if you don't have to be a power, but you've got to have some experience of reading poetry to now enter into the work. I think with you'll work it's not experimental and it doesn't have to be. It's about life on how we share our human experiences together. And so I wondered. What are the lengths between a workers therapist and as a poet in terms of where you sit When you engage in either activity. Okay well. Interestingly. Actually I've been writing about this I just wrote. An article for our an association of Child Psychotherapist Billiton, and because somebody else's reviewed my poetry my last book for the bulletin. So I was writing response to that and I was trying to think about the links and I think there's a very important therapy, which is about containment I'm sure your therapy it's has a containing function and somebody put the idea tomato. Stories also have containing function and I thought well, of course, points a as well. So you know poem considerably take you out to where you where you are it committee resonate with something and it's sort of. A moment in time which I think can be containing for the writer as as they're writing it and resolving some in there. I mind also for the reader saying. To me that feels like quite a strong link between the two. And I say that sometimes the what the idea is the inspiration for. What I write about nursing early directly. But sometimes, it's come out off the stories of some of the patients were with although obviously, that has to be done with. Confidentiality has to be the whatever I'm talking about is made enormous but SAM. So. Yeah. I don't know if that answers your question like doesn't Zora thinking. Of that thing about containment. Of course. WHO's talking about perhaps you reading Potvin on the prime. cause. I don't know the pen yet which discusses. Discuss this directly George Floyd Steph. Rivets about. Global Racism. On the different forms it takes, but I'm wondering because of the idea of contaminants in story. How we use poetry. To help us through trauma. Yes. Yeah and that's that's been something that feels very current. The moment I feel like there's been such off plural proliferation. Say That right of articles saying about how important poetry has been jerry lockdown and the idea with an people turning to perch might not normally or even people that aren't particularly interested in poetry that can still recite a coupla lines or have a memory of poem from childhood ill some time. So I I think it's it's very much and. Yes something that the people turn to in times of trauma. All you know for rightists that they might find it very cathartic to write about an experience or to to be able to make sense of their thoughts through they write and are certainly that was some probably. Yeah, I didn't talk about the particular pro- muscle today I. Don't know if you want me to say I wouldn't mind I'd like to hear about. Latte because. I guess what? I'm interested Eh. Is How why paid perhaps identifiers white liberal law why allies will ever those words mean how we feel authentically unhelpfully about rights. Especially, if we have a platform whether it's through our writing all that me through having a podcast, but thoughts are expressed and how do we do that helpfully emon? And then Guess. An unselfconsciously honest way that doesn't either add to trauma or add to a former white censoring. Yes Yes and that's exactly what I was trying to do in this poem and that I why I've been trying to write it for about a year I'm not even sure that it's finished but. I thought it might be good one to re today because of all the recent news and it's now these things always around aren't they but it feels like such a flashpoint, the moment and I think nice flashpoints come round time and again when lesbian an incident of. Police brutality or death in custody or whatever is. And I was trying to write a response to that knowing that I don't have direct experience of racism of course, I don't. Then how can I talk about my experience of it without centring it instead of making it about me I was trying to get hold of that grotto with the idea. In the poem by looking at a recent or not. So recent events. So you know things like grenfell at why so start with the new crossfire and go three two Grandfather some of the events of last year. I'm not sure that I've achieved it yet but. Yeah I just that I'd like to. Try and something about that subject because I do think we have a responsibility particularly. White people that you know it shouldn't be that the burden is always on. Friends and colleagues who are back old asional minority. Ethnic groups. I. Think it is really important and I think. Because of a similar age, we've seen a strategy after atrocity and I think. Every age. There's a different. Relationship to the news on, obviously there's the huge racial divide. If you're white person, you can still have even if you're shows, you can still have an intellectual response in not right in the mix. But I think over time and if you're pokes who has aligned themselves politically. I'm how can you show on the old fashion way? Solas charity comradeship am I think what's really? Changed for me over my life I'm so fifty seven now. As. That is much more conversations about You know, why might the white privilege? Why benefits even if you see yourself as an ally and what that means how that's woven into your Danna how white supremacy worked an extremely internal level as as well as an extra one on the unpicking of that I'm that discussion wasn't so prevalent amongst white people and it's still not because I was thinking today. How often do I talk when I talk with other? People about racism. It's always positioned as. A wideness on our. Sense of solidarity and Bannon ally or whatever we're doing is positioned in a source of goodness and the mound stands and it's never self reflective. That's not self reflective conversation. Now, I don't know if that's true of other white people but I still think this thing is beginning to open up. I'm always. I guess, I'm cautious because I don't want to the virtue. The The. But to signaling on dealt wants to get into something and I also don't my head. I want to fly the. As something that has to be ongoing even if it's bloody difficult because however difficult to is however uncomfortable. It s to examine the benefits of my whiteness and the white sox say. It's nothing as we will know compared to being black and white society on that how he conducted relationships when we have friends and colleagues on lovers and fam lay on the system supports are winding us in the very thing supports us wants to destroy them on how to conduct these relationships honestly unfailingly I guess. So that's. Muffled. Question. Put putting across and it's not really a question that's just made so. Trying to make sense. So. It's a discussion with all that would you like to CEO per? Okay. Yes. Headlines. I could all gay I was too young in eighty-one to be aware of new cross house charred to the ground. Taking thirteen souls. That I. Walk Through Brixton Burning in ninety five in the aftermath.

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