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Welcome to the audible, presented by trader Joe's. I'm Stewart Mandel. Join his always by Bruce Feldman Bruce Super Bowl week will stew. Then we gotta get a big time guest. Who do you think we should get? We're under a lot of pressure here because I got to say, well, I was out sick last week, by the way, still not fully recovered. This is the longest cold I've ever had in my life. Your Manny interview was a huge hit and people are saying maybe one of the best we've ever had. How do we follow that up? We better get a big name. Somebody's a good storyteller. Rack, your brain stew? Oh, I know who you have in mind. Without further ado, we are pleased to be joined by our old colleague and probably our one of our favorite guests. Dave wants that coach the first thing I want to talk to Super Bowl week. You have an interesting connection to this patriots. Rams matchup in that. You're the one when you're the head coach at Pittsburgh who recruited Aaron Donald, and Stu I did a little digging back. Aaron Donald best player argue in the. NFL certainly the most dominant defensive player only ranked as a three star recruit and ranked as the thirtieth best offense tackle coach who did you beat out to get him. You know, what might have been like temple? I mean there were no major division once goals. And I think the biggest thing was his height and people still bring that up. You know, what the six foot, and you know, everybody's looking for that six three six four defensive linemen. And you know, fortunately, I had a lot of experience with guys Aaron Donald sires. I'd Russell Maryland. As you remember Bruce dot at your a moderate Miami. And then I had Chris ori-, you know, when I was at the barriers so in our steam defense, the oh the strengths in the abilities that Aaron Donald had as far as is quickness and his leverage in his awareness. That was perfect what we were looking for. So he was and, you know, another interesting story, I was actually dinner last night with one of the most successful high school coaches, not just Pennsylvania. But in the country's name is Jim render. He just retired. And I remember talking to him that year, and he was at one of the big schools in western PA. And I said who do you like iced asked all high school coaches, you know, what a who'd you go against that really jumped on it. And he said there's a kid of Penn hills high school now not many people are talking about he says I've never seen a defensive lineman ruin aren't tire office of game plan like this kid did. And it was Aaron Donald. So, you know, I think we did our homework, and you know, it it worked that now that I think you gonna be as good as yesterday. Absolutely not. But I'll tell you what happened..

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