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Cardinals tonight rain out doubleheader tomorrow one ten seven in game six forty seven and a game doubleheader. Here's david bell david. What's guy's gonna pitch damn tomorrow. No i was trying to have that conversation with I came in here. But i wasn't able to do it so i can in the next thirty minutes. I'll have that. And i'll send it send it to you. Guys send consented to us. Salt tyler out. There working field. Sorry this is so regular. Pre-game type question but tyler out there working and left and i know he's done it quite a bit. Are you getting more and more comfortable with us. We are trying to make that a possibility. Just because of the way he's sweating about all year he's just being a catcher and and Joey's playing every day so trying to make it possible for him to either start games or just be able to come into games and stay out there. We haven't done it yet. But i would say we're getting closer to To that and if if nothing else i wanted to be we're going to have to do it for first time at some point and i just wanted to be a possibility. I think once we do at one time I think we'll all be more comfortable with exciting news for the year. Coaching staff to eddie divine the shields organization. Yeah very much so I i've known it was a possibility for last few days and taught to senior about it a little bit so i have a little experience. What that's like on the other side. So i have not. I have not talked about yet today. so i'm looking forward to doing that. So there's david bell from earlier by the way wade miley is going to start game one for the reds tomorrow sunny gray game two one ten is the first game of the doubleheader and six forty so obviously no baseball tonight tomorrow has just a one sort of singular day scenario for the reds has a chance to be a pretty monumental day they have a chance to gain two games in one day against the cardinals and i know they would have had a chance to gain two games of the next two days but still after losing last night two and a half two and a half back or two and a half up on saint louis padres winters. Last night we'll be scoreboard watching and paying attention to that game this evening as they play game. Two of that set blake snell on the mound for san diego against zack gallon. So that is worth paying attention to milwaukee by the way winter's again last night johnny cueto scratched because of a covert issue. Same for former red. Alex would the giants still undecided milwaukee extending their lead in the central to nine and a half game. So no game tonight. Meanwhile bengals reducing the roster to fifty three cincinnati placing on the non football injury list. Came at energy and white hubert. Those guys eligible to return after six weeks. Joseph site goes on his season is over. Mike daniels wave mild surprise. I guess mason shrek..

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