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And i knew that so but then they called me to tell me personally that she was going to lose her vision one hundred percent chance she is this rare genetic retinal thing and so what did i do i went out and got her a seeing eye dog that has one genius really as you're writing a children's book with all of this that's healthy needs to pay off the mortgage i will be in the la river oh yeah you know they're they're setting up tents under the overpasses that seems on a much of of more frequency yes which always seems to me to be some sort of sign and maybe the sign is they're getting more organized because i don't remember so many tents it there's a pup tent somebody must have gone around and said who needs a tent right i looks like i think there have been more tense donations yes that would be nice show how could they also donate some porta potties porta potties or maybe just hey you out there with your seventeen room mansions maybe turn them into shelters we've got some human beings at need your help right lofty really into that sounds like the right thing to do but you came to today through the rain you you know know there's been songs written it doesn't rain in southern california yeah and osama looking up who wrote that song they'd never rains in southern california i believe goes lyric.

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