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About your money at 7 21, and we have your real time traffic right now with Kevin Dean Fish. All right. We'll check in with 10 news meteorologist Meghan Perry. Hey, Good morning, Increasing sunshine today with showers. Ending early fair weather will be. The trend is to the end of 2020 with mild Santa Ana winds. The coast in the low to mid sixties in the valleys in the upper fifties to mid sixties with San Diego's most accurate forecast and maybe see 10 news meteorologist Meghan Perry. Take a look at current temperatures Right now it looks like LeMay, PSA is 48 Rancho Bernardo 47 downtown. It's 53 Coco News. Time is seven Won the regional stayed home or order in Southern California, including San Diego, will officially be extended today after the governor Monday said they were taking a final look at the cove ID numbers. Waiting for the Monday numbers to make it official with bull stuff in California and the San Joaquin Valley, hoping to loosen the reins. Gavin Newsom anticipates the covert stayed home orders to continue in those areas because of ICU capacity issues. Do you think somehow you're immune from impact of coded? There's the direct impact. That is the transmission of this virus. There's the indirect impact. God forbid you have a stroke or heart attack. Your car accident or you have other acute care needs the impact. Of these. This virus is pandemic well, the region's about the temple restrictions since early December after falling below the icy availability threshold. Hey Louis. Kogo News More than 13,000 students in the San Diego Union High School District will continue distance learning until 2021 R into 2021 School board voting Monday to halt the district's reopening plan that what about students back to the classroom next week? The move comes after the union representing teachers filed a lawsuit to block the return, parent Jason Berry tells reporting partner 10 News. A lot of parents are very frustrated that that there is the appearance that the teachers Are not willing to go back. I think that they need to show that they're willing to go back. The union estimated that up to 20% of teachers would not return in January, either for health concerns or child care issues. We'll see clear skies later today after a night of heavy rain downpours, causing some street flooding because of the storm gutters. The winter storm also left five inches of snow in the mountains in the East County. Not only did they get rain but on sunrise highway Plows were out. Also at the 6000 FT level it Laguna Lodge. It was snow John is at the lodge, he told Coco News. This is an exciting time of the year. You know what always amazes me How many people show up there like in their twenties or thirties or sometimes even 40. They've never seen snow pick out of the first. No. Large, usually packed is also practicing social distancing because of the pandemic. We're on Lee well in 10 people the time in the store, which means you may have to stand on the porch and wait for a while. That's the way it goes. But John says there is a big blanket of snow that should be around for a couple of days. If you are headed up, snow change required. Phil Farrar. KOGO News The size of stimulus checks is producing some fire on Capitol Hill, Jill NATO reports from Washington in an early morning tweet president Trump said, Give the people $2000..

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