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There, be sure to subscribe rate and review it that's the podcast ground game. AP radio news. I'm Tim McGuire. President Trump first lady Melania their daughter, Ivanka and her husband, Jared traveled to Pittsburgh to pay tribute to those killed in last Saturday synagogue massacre, the president and first lady placing one white Rosebud and a stone at the memorials to each of the victims outside the synagogue where they died Trump's visit comes just three days after three eleven people were killed at the tree of life. Synagogue, holocaust survivor Judah Shamet survived the shooting services at nine forty five. And usually I'm dead on time. But this time a my housekeeper kept me for four minutes. Those four minutes enough for him to avoid the shooting. Shamet says after that. I know not to depend on humanity funerals for four the victims held today. Others will take place through Friday in Pittsburgh, president says he's thinking about using an executive order to eliminate the constitutional protection of citizenship for children born in this country to non-citizens are those in the country illegally house speaker Paul Ryan says it doesn't work that way. What is very clear as you can't change this via executive Fiat at the very least they would have to be statutory through congress. The question over the Burt right birthright for children of non-citizens was answered by the US supreme court in eighteen ninety eight nine year old girl and her twin six-year-old brothers are dead. Hit by a pickup truck as they crossed the northern Indiana road to board a school bus this morning. A fourth child is in critical condition. This man the ankle to the three children who were killed tells W R TV his niece was a tremendous person. She treated those boys more like a mother and a sister. She held their hand to school bus and onto the bus every day. She was hand she's holding their hand when they were hit the pickup drivers charged with three counts of reckless homicide. This is AP radio news. A twenty one year old Illinois man, who is said to have told friends he was sick of his parents has confessed to killing them and dumping their bodies into a river about forty miles from their home in Peoria police, say Jose Ramirez told them he pepper sprayed his parents, they slept Friday night and then stabbed them to death. Their bodies were found today. An Alabama coal company is under investigation in Colombia Colombian, authorities are focusing on irregular payments allegedly made by Alabama based Drummond company to a contractor who was convicted in twenty thirteen of killing two union leaders who worked at Drummond, the tempo newspaper reports eight Drummond executives will be summoned to explain the unusually high payments Drummond is not the first US corporation to be accused of financing paramilitary groups in two thousand seven Cincinnati-based Chiquita. Brands International pleaded guilty to paying. Right wing militias..

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