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The pharmacy kinetic data where it was like. No it's not the same thing like you're talking about seventy times higher vitamin C. LEVELS IN THE PLASMA. Like you could never do that from oral like it's not the same at all and before that was known. I guess maybe that that's why I've even heard people dismiss vitamin C saying that. Your body absorbs a certain amount. It's wasted if you take more than you. So here's the thing like so so maximum bioavailability does occur at two hundred milligrams and once you go above that like when you if you take five hundred milligrams of vitamin C early. You start to excrete a lot in urine. But that doesn't if you look at the plasma levels you're still increasing them much higher excreting more to but you're you're increasing your plasma levels more so you so you take hundred. Milligrams you get your plasma levels of Vitamin C. Up to ninety you take five hundred. You may get a little bit more. You take three grams. You get it to to twenty. You'RE GONNA be paying a lot out but you've got to twenty right and so if you look at these. These common colds studies. There's like randomize analysis randomized control trials Manassas. They've shown that like two grams is better than one. Gram for for Reducing the duration of the common cold Two grams better than one and Children who are more have more robust and adults alike. Adults like it reduces the common cold. Two grams can do something like twenty research. Ration- belly twenty percent or something and it's emergency. That company got a lot of Shit for their claims. The I to Graham emergency doesn't have laughing so so then you a two hundred milligrams or so there you go you keep looking down. There's more Meta analysis another Meta analysis that looked at two hundred milligrams up to two hundred milligrams up to two grams and that study. Kinda just lump everything together rather than the other. Study like okay. What happens is two grams in one? They did all the analysis and that was great because they got to the bottom of it dose matters the study it was like oh it. It reduces the duration by like four percent. Basically nothing so so. There's like all this. There was all these conclusions. It doesn't do anything well. Yeah two hundred. Milligrams look at that. Graph does it doesn't shit to your plasma levels like you're still at baseline so I think that people designing clinical studies like they need that needs to be in their mind before they design their trial. Okay what am I trying to measure here like I want to get? I need to like. I need a measurable like I need something to measure. And you've got to change right to get an outcome like if you want your trying to see what effect vitamin C has on whatever outcome. You'RE GONNA WANNA wait ray someone's plasma levels right so I guess it's good at the end of the day to know that two hundred milligrams doesn't do anything because then you go okay. Well two hundred milligrams doesn't do anything but it's also good to know that. Oh wait I take a higher dose. There isn't effect. So you know making this general statement. Oh Vitamin C. Supplementation doesn't do. Anything is not necessarily accurate in some respects. Yeah two hundred milligrams. It doesn't do much for the common cold but when you take two grams it can help and also other studies have shown that prophylactically you slightly better than like therapeutic like after the onset of symptoms. So if you do it like before symptoms like there's a better outcome as well so I mean that's all kinds of interesting so for you personally. If you had the option would you do it once a week? Iv I'm it's pretty interesting I've like I was doing it. I was actually doing it once a week before plano. Once a week is enough totally. I don't even know if it's necessary honestly on to be honest because again. It's a therapeutic treatment. I will say this like my one of my friends. She's a she's an MD and she has reactive. Airways there's interesting studies that have shown that intravenous vitamin C is like dramatically reducing inflammation as well. It's doing all kinds of crazy things but her cough and it was very transient. It only happened like while the vitamin C was high in her plasma. She's got this crazy Commun- you'd think she'd had co like. It's just like an constant nagging cough. You know that it completely one hundred percent one away I noticed it and she lick. My friend is a little bit. You know she's a little bit of a skeptic when it comes to vitamins or anything like that you know so I wasn't GonNa say anything because her and I have gone in so many debates about it so But she said something and I was just like you know I'm so glad. And so she now. She's wanting to do it like she's wanting to do like you know once a month at least so So I thought that was interesting again. I don't know that the intravenous vitamin C. is necessary. There's also interesting effects on like fat. Oxidation legal affects fat oxidation. Because it's important for carnitine which is an necessary for oxidizing fat like there's been clinical studies where people are like burning fat when they're exercising if they have vitamin C if they have low bottom in sea levels or not like burns much fat. It's because it's the CARNITINE. I thought that was really interesting. I didn't know anything about that. So we've been doing intravenous vitamin C. And Glutathione and a bunch of other stuff zinc once a week. That's we've been okay. Yeah another one. That's really important for immune function as well. An elderly people are more sink. Deficiencies not really common in the US. Most is found in really high noise tres. But not a lot of people oyster that meat poultry. You know if you if you eat enough of that. You should be getting enough thing. Overturns Vegetarians do they? They are more prone to zinc deficiency and in fact because the zinc is bound to Fi- tate. It's less bioavailable when they need to like eat like up to three times more. Rda needs to be like almost three times as high for them or they can just supplement which. I know a lot of Vegetarian. Do but yeah but zinc zinc's really important for function like there's been studies where they've depleted healthy people of zinc just transient and Like t cell function lake is all messed up so at lake totally messes the immune system up Randomized controlled trial showing the zinc zinc acetate or zinc glue. Khanate like lozenges They can Dramatically lower the duration of common cold is Acetate or glutamate which one superior so there was like. It was trending. That acetate was better. Trending meaning was nonsignificant Although it was like forty percent or twenty eight percent. I don't like I to me. Lowering and lowering the duration of the common cold by forty percent versus lowering it by twenty eight percent. I guess it was significant for whatever reason so there. It's the study concluded that they're both the same. Seems as though Acetate. Slightly better Baby slightly better But you know I am. Taking zinc is also a positive ion. So you need as INC for to help get in to cells So like course flavonoids. Quercetin quercetin found in lake apples onions. Buckwheat tease which is what I drink but you can supplement with which I also supplement as well. It's Questions interesting because a four. It's also been identified to have activity against SARS cove one antiviral activity against harsh cope one neutral properties as well. I don't know wrong. Has Emergency confusing it with something? It's got thin Olympic properties. Which means it can. It's been shown it's been identified as a possible compound that can clear out sin senescent cells. Which are those cells that are you know they keep with age? And they're basically like they're not dead but they are just like not really functioning and their secreting their secreting cytokines and things that age nearby cells. I always like to think of like as mentioning to Jamie that Maybe forty two next month and so yeah I have some great grey hairs and it's funny how you'll get one gray hair. And the other Gra. Here's a cluster around that one clustering and I always think of like because their cellular. Senescence happens in the MELENA sites. The are responsible for pigment. Say I always think about. Oh the senescent. Milan is creating all this pro inflammatory stuff. That's now accelerating the age my other nearby hair follicle causing them to anyways. Quercetin identified to clear away. So that's kind of cool for aging freighter hairs and I'll just for aging. That's just my lake and analogy for people to understand why senescent cells are bad because they leg age other nearby cells by secreting. All this stuff pro inflammatory things I forgot to ask you about vitamin D deficiency is red. Light therapy what would that have to do with vitamin D? I don't know. Do you know about these red light machines that people stand in front of the photo. Bottom photo bio modulation. Does that have any effect on vitamin D? That's not you know different. Yeah Yeah and I think that that itself it. It's an interesting field I would say that it's the marketings got a little head of a science for that but I do think that there's there's promised particularly for some Treatments you know there. There are some claims out there that are Sort of being backed up by very poorly done studies but I think I think there's some promise out there for it just makes you feel does it. Yeah it's interesting. I've been doing it I try. I wanted to do it before I even talked about it for months solid and I'd do it basically four or five days a week and I just. I don't know it's hard to tell because I do so much shit do you..

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