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Broadcasting Centre crew has been very busy today turning around some Daniel Jones sound as quickly as we can. That's going to be in our news update second Chris and I. I WANNA take a couple of phone calls. Folks have been patiently waiting. We had two very long interviews and our number one and two in studio and Let's turn to death in a New Orleans. What's up seth rich how you doing? How are you seth all right talking with like the jets nicknames I wanted you to think of you've gotta be faulk and sickened me? Na It's coming. It's coming to a backpage near you and New York City but it's common and then I I wonder if your opinion about Teddy Bridgewater because because you know like I'm smarts broken that your reasons out but I think after a week she might be okay well. Here's the thing seth news is breaking right now that I'll pass on to you while you're here on the phone that the breeze is not being put on injured reserve which is good news that means they can be back within six weeks because otherwise you'd you'd put him on injured reserve and that would be eight right right so that's a and B. What did it Brockman? What did he tell you yesterday that we're talking about the wrong quarterback correct correct? Let's talk about the rain wrong. quarterback tastes him hill in in my mind is going to be utilized by Sean Payton in a manner that he's been holding back because he's got a golden era parent if you know what put him in now thanks for the call Seth yes Sean Payton has refused to name Teddy Bridgewater as the starter this week against Seattle Seattle. Get ready for the first two quarterback system the NFL has seen he's coming. He was asked if he was gonNA limit tastes tastes them hills usage and other positions. Hell no now that he's the number two quarterback Sean Payton responded. You're assuming he's the number two correct number two and all I was looking for to confirm my belief about tastes. Hill was the addition of third quarterback and who was signed to the practice squad J. T. Barrett Eric who I I'm just I would be. I wouldn't be stunned. They're only gonNA use Emma short yard situation. It would not be deedee help help. They need J. T. Barrett on fourth downs that they'll get when they shouldn't right okay. He's a specialist at that yet. He's a specialist by the way one of the greatest college the football players we've ever seen including Ohio state with. I am boiling him down to one play just to make myself a better feel better inside J. T. Barrett Eric. I wouldn't be surprised if he's active for the game because you just in case one of these Tastes Hill could get blown up over the Middle Blah or or he's GonNa take the majority of the snaps and bridgewater will come in on certain passing downs in heels GONNA come out and in or he'll go out to slot and and Teddy Bridgewater Bridgewater will be quarterback and it might be Teddy Bridgewater taking ninety percent of the snaps but why let Pete Carroll know a damn thing yeah good luck good luck Seattle on trying to figure out what's coming your way and you know Sean. Payton is not viewing owe us. ARGO quarterback is out there goes our season season. No he's got a ton of pieces and that diamond between his temples here they come. I'm excited to see that game and as you know are small and unluckiest lock of the week is what I smell. There might be a few this week. We'll do that tomorrow L. But I I am not looking at the saints like Duh there. They go. I mean forget it and you know Teddy. Bridgewater stunk it up and week seventeen seventeen and he didn't really look all that good in Los Angeles when he had a you know the game was still a game and go the saints. I can't wait to see see what Payton's conjuring up because there's no rules there are no rules.

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