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Whether you're moving remodeling or just need space around the house televise center, they will take care of you. If you missed the reds game today. I have the the swarm of bees I have Derek Dietrich the beekeeper I've the highlights from the game Nixon sales day and more. I have a first pitch yesterday that will give mirror. Mallory a run for his money on his first pitch of got FC. Cincinnati the cyclones and more all in one spot seven hundred wwl w dot com. I would be curious to the reaction to the bearcat football fans to the news today. I think this is going to be really really cool that team met two thousand nineteen was one wheel of a football team that the memories in moments and personalities on that team they wind up twelve and the regular season. They win the biggies. They wind up ranked number three in the final. The bowl championship series standings. They set school records for wins and points and touchdowns and touchdown passes and kickoff return yards. They were the number one school in the country in passing efficiency and used four different quarterbacks that year four we're talking. The guys on that roster is that Caleros Andrew Frye. Isaiah peed and Tony pike and Armand bins and Jake Schaefer, and Walter Stewart, and Derek Wolfe and DJ woods. There were freshmen on that team and Richard freshman that team by Travis kill city in his Mike bone eluded to that roster had twenty nine players that went on to play professionally in the NFL, the CFL or in the arena league and to tag teaming with UC's greatest embassador, Dan hoard, what an honor for Dan, what deserving honor for Dan. It will happen October eighteenth and nineteenth that's the celebration weekend. But really the way they've set it up. They're going to have from the bobble head, which is really really cool to the ticket package. The presentation of the design and the tickets it is going to be top notch throughout this season. He mentioned the play by play calls of Dan hoard, and Sean McDonough, let me give you the that moment of that memory. It is the conic moment of that season. One of the most iconic Kohl's in the history of Cincinnati sports. It was UC, and it was Pitt and it was a comeback in its satellite. This. They have one.

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