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Around. It doesn't have to be an outdoor summertime actually, even though you know, that's how a lot of people like looking at now, my understanding is okay. So we have a grill gun here. This thing can help our listeners light there charcoal grill in sixty seconds, and it's fun. It's fun. It is. It's what does it? Look like the grill gun does the grill. I've seen some pretty the technical term for it. But I've seen some pretty. Week version of what Bob creating tried to a grill torch, but it's kind of like. Has the some of these products have the class and quality like the Chinese finger locks the paper locks. Oh, don't kid yourself periods. So I talked to me about what does it look like what does it feel like this feel like a man gun? Or is it feel like? I think I think one person interviewed actually reviewed it said he felt like he had seen premisses for the first time. And I it just it was so intense feeling of looking at a torch that looks like a pistol like a forty five or block or something like that sending out semi automatic action pistol that that has a long Bella it's over it's about twenty two inches long in order to get the barrel way from you. So that you can use it without burning yourself. But if looks like a gun, it feels like a gun. It shoots fire. You you. Hold onto it fits nicely in your hand well-balanced, and you use it really just basically fled the the grill with the heat that you need in order. Bring it up to the tendency to want to cook. And just you know, under a minute now Z, I wanna get into the business. He kind of things does this business show. It technically is a business show, fitness. School that the BS give now so Bob you made the product that step on yet have your product that helps so step one. You have the product use the idea. Step one step two. Nobody see I'm talking about almost. No anybody ever goes to step two and that is make a prototype. Oh. The prototype. You got the idea up the freezing the prototype. Yes. Step three. We gotta try to sell something to sell it. Soft and say. So I want to ask you this talk to us about its wants to buy this thing. Can they buy it? What's what's been your road? Like of seeing if someone wants to buy it because I know you did a demo at the thrive time show conference for our attendees. And I think about one third of the people in attendance, I could be wrong. But I think about a third of the people in attendance said I definitely want to buy one of these right now how the listeners get a hold of this. How can they buy one? Tell us about selling something. Okay. So the process of putting this out on the market is when you're trying to bootstrap something up from the bottom without having venture capital or something like that step in and say here, you need this money. Let's go for you actually have to determine whether or not people want what you have what they're willing to pay for what she's gone, and then how are you going to get made? And so I had to figure out I author porches. You can get it for today's you go down. The hardware store you can.

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