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That's funny that was any molly ringwald i can't by god the molly ringwald of it all is the best part i love how she's really leaning into the mom actress on all teeny bopper shows really and when when she's like crying her house and someone comes over and you think it's going to be lee or noah and it's the mom it was like so sweet so sweet also the dad was weird the dad was weird he didn't really have apart why did she have to have chapter not have a mom because that's a disney it wouldn't have been like disney like adult movie she yeah i guess it was just like it was so raunchy to like she was always like getting aching and like and the even the kissing part itself was really like wild provocative everyone's just kissing millions of people and they're like immense something it meant by nothing but and then if an acting like they had like head the recreation of the kissing prom like i don't think the kissing booth meant as much to everyone as in just to l do you know what i mean yeah but like it didn't even it only meant something to la because of jacob but like but no one having kissed her like they were still gonna act like the casinos meant something right the with meant nothing jon snow noto i need to watch it again it so i'm like the fact that that's the name of the movie like it should be called it was like they were just trying to make the kissing booth important when like it could have been called anything that had nothing to do with kissing and also i'm so i never saw trailer for the movie i didn't even see the cover where it's like she has to choose because so i didn't know if she was gonna end up with lee or no when she was growing up like i didn't know and know what was i like little sister oh this heat doesn't like her like i had no clue where the movie was going and i love that jackie's same and like i.

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