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Oklahoma City? Brenda favor. He told authorities neighbor had fallen in their bathtub any panic when he realized she was dead, then dismembered and Verner body. Authorities found bone fragments in a garden in the backyard. Authorities say striker told them he had put burned remains in the trash which had been picked up and taken to a landfill Twitter says it's making strides to create a healthier service. Here's Kristen Goodwin. Twitter revealing in a blog post from January to March, it's a spended one hundred thousand accounts for creating new pages after being previously suspended. The numbers are up. Forty five percent from the same timeframe last year. Twitter says it suspended three times more abusive accounts reported within twenty four hours compared to twenty eight teen the company also making good on its promise to take more action without reports explaining thirty eight percent of abusive content enforced is surfaced proactively to it's teams or review. Instead of relying on reports from users rep say we have more to do to ensure everyone feel. Safe, and we'll keep sharing progress your natoma Sapru in the state Senate yesterday for a Bill to exempt the American Legion from paying state sales taxes on goods services state Senator Roger Thompson of Okina says it's the right thing to do for years. We've had the blue star mothers, the veterans of foreign wars tax exempt, the American Legion for some reason had been omitted. So I was happy to work with Representative Sanders care this legislation that now will give the American Legion the taps exempt status. There.

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