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NewsRadio I heart radio? Station KOA, NewsRadio time is. Two, thirty p. p. a. says it is actively working to clean up and deal. With the gold king mind spill in Colorado that sent heavy metals. In rivers and streams in two thousand fifteen and because of that the wants a federal court to throw out a lawsuit Utah wants one. Point nine billion dollars from the EPA New Mexico is asking for one hundred and thirty million dollars in damages and the Navajo nation sued for hundred and sixty two million they say the EPA was responsible. And needs to. Pay for the damage that resulted from the disastrous spill former Fox. News host Kimberly Guilfoil is reportedly facing allegations of misconduct at the network the Huffington Post says FOX has been investigating claims of inappropriate behavior including, sexual misconduct Kilfoyle has been dating Donald Trump junior and recently announced she was. Leaving the, network voluntarily but Huffington Post says the departure was. Not voluntary. Her spokesman is denying that report with training camps set to start tomorrow John Elway Is pleased with off season moves that. Improve the team's offense offensive AM excited about especially with case pulling the trigger and where we are there. Elway says free agent, acquisition case keenum brings intelligence and experience to the quarterback position. He says training camp, will be about turning that potential into a, potent offense Elway. Says the defense should be improved, he, expects first round pick linebacker Bradley Chubb to make, an impact our next, news update is at three. O'clock I'm Karen Trinidad on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four. One FM The best traffic centers. Friday afternoon therefore you knows quite a few backups to deal with it a, few accidents adding to that latest one on the eastbound I. Seventy two southbound to twenty-five around that ramp just past Peoria backups eastbound back to two seventy and westbound pretty heavy either side to seventy most. Of the afternoon still is westbound, to seventy slow across commerce city eastbound eastbound. Seventy at York backing up at a crash westbound I seventy six at, seventy four backing that up to eighty eight getting out of the tech center in pretty good shape Budo trying to head downtown start seeing those, brake lights just north, of university all the way up to Colfax southbound across downtown stacked up I seventy down to spear and on the south side for seventy westbound. Some stop, and go there from university out to Broadway and Santa Fe and. Then on the west side you're going. To have a slow downs there westbound from bowls had up to. Morrison road CBS four weather isolated storms developing. This afternoon with a high of eighty eight scattered evening storms and partly cloudy Howdy low fifty eight for the weekend mostly sunny tomorrow scattered, storms in the afternoon with a high of eighty three scattered storms again..

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