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I was uploading the tiktok onto my website so people could walk. Bent watched them And then i sat down to write this book and It is a short book. It is very readable people who say oh. I don't do good with books You know it's done as a thought a day and so it's thirty one thoughts. They range from one paragraph to a couple few pages and it's designs that you can ingest the material as quickly or as paste as you need to and so if it's helpful to read one paragraph and then read the next one the next day you can do that if you are hungry for it and you want to sit down and take the whole book in that is also very valid way to read the book. And what's so funny. Is that part of what so magical about struggled cares that once you sort of get rid of the idea that care tasks have one proper perfect way to do them and realized that they are just functional. And you can do it any way that works for you that meets your functional. Needs all the sudden you become the most creative person ever realizing i don't have to it. Everyone always asks. How do i get my clean laundry folded and put away and then people go through struggle. Karen go why do i even need to put my clean laundry away i do. I don't it doesn't bother me one bit that it's in a basket. I just thought it was supposed to bother me that it's in a basket right and so getting out of that idea of what's supposed to look like our should look like and just doing what works for you is one of these big things about struggle care and the same thing happened to me with. This book. wanted to write a book. I have so many unfinished books saved and word documents and what happens is that have all these thoughts and jot them down. And then i get stuck. I don't know where to go. I don't know how to make them in one. You know cogent thought that runs together. And i just started putting all my thoughts down into a word document and i would look at it and i would go you know what. It's just every time. I sit down to figure out how to put this altogether into a real book of valid book. A legitimate book. That's a few hundred pages with with a bunch of footnotes that with chapters. That are spaced out. It just was paralyzing and i finally realized one day you know what i have. I have several dozen random thoughts..

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